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#    Publication TitlePriceFirst
1   Stories of Turton Date Stones£6.001975
2   Lords of the Manor of Bradshaw£6.001977
3   Turton Tales I£6.001978
4   Bradshaw Works£6.001979
5   Bradshaw & Harwood Collieries£6.001982
6   The Bradshaw Flood Reprint£6.001984
7   Enclosure of Edgworth Moor£6.001986
8   Turton Tales II£3.001987
9   Harwood Friendly Societies£4.001987
10   The Bradshaw Chapel History Trail£3.001988
11   The History of Turton Mill£6.001989
12   Datestones of Bradshaw & Harwood£4.001989
13   The Enclosure of Harwood Commons£4.001990
14   Horrobin Mill£6.001992
15   Affetside£6.001994
16   Eagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream£6.001997
17   Harwood Vale: 1865-1965£6.001997
18   Bradshaw Chapel I£6.001998
19   Bradshaw Chapel II£6.001998
20   2000 - Turton through the Ages£14.001999
21   Quarlton£6.002000
22   Hardy Cornmill£6.002001
23   People and Places of Turton£6.002003
24   Lost Industries of Turton Moor£6.002003
25   Harwood Hill Farms & Riding Gate£6.002004
26   Samuel Scowcroft's Diary£6.002005
27   Harwood - The Early Years£6.002006
28   Birches£6.002006
29   Turton Fair£6.002007
30   Highways of Turton£6.002007
31   Churches and Chapels of Turton£6.002008
32   The Barlow Institute£6.002009
33   Entwistle£10.502011
34   Turton Workhouse£6.002011
35   The Bradshaw Estate 1542 - 1919£10.002012
36   Mining in Turton£12.002013
37   Pubs in Turton 1£11.002018
38   Egerton£10.002019


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