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14. Horrobin Mill


The history of one of the oldest bleachworks in the area around Bolton.


Publication Number14
TitleHorrobin Mill
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1993
Number of Pages34
ISBN Number9781904974147
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Turton Local History Society #14 - Horrobin Mill


The Turton Beginnings, p1
The Ainsworth & Cort Era, p5
The Development of Bleaching Methods, p8
The Bradshaw Bleach Works, p10
The Appletons, p16
The Final Stages, p23


James Brandwood's Map of 1795 detailing road changes, p4
Extract from 1796 Map of proposed Turnpike, p4
Part of Estate Map of James Greene, Turton, 1814, p7
The First Combined Operation of the Turton & Bradshaw Works. 1830's.  p15
Works Office, Shirting Mangle Place & Dye House, p18
Thomas Appleton's widow Ann, son William & daughters Ann & Elizabeth, p20
The Black Set c1880.  The Black Set c1912, p22
The White Set c1880. Men & Lads of the Bottom Croft c1920, p23
Horrobin Mills Bleackworks. 1930, p25
Horrobin Fold & Horrobin Mills, p27
Horrobin House & Horrobin Lane End, p29
The Jumbles Reservoir. 1971, p31

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Allan, Appleton, Bancroft, Barlow, Barton, Bateson, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Brooks, Cartwright, Chantler, Chetham, Cort, Crook, Cross, Done, Entwistle, Frere, Greene, Grime, Hamer, Hardcastle, Harwood, Haslam, Hawksworth, Haworth, Healey, Heywood, Hoare, Holt, Horrobin, Hunt, Hurley, Isherwood, Jackson, Kay, Kenyon, Kershaw, Laithwaite, Leach, Livesey, Lomax, Mather, Mellody, Monks, Mulliner, Orrell, Parker, Pennington, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Ramsden, Ridgeway, Rigby, Rosthorn, Rostron, Rothwell, Scholes, Slater, Smith, Southall, Taylor, Thornley, Toothill, Walch, Walker, Wallwork, Walsh, Whitehead, Wood, Woods, Wright, Young

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