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17. Harwood Vale: 1865-1965


The history of the south-east part of Harwood known as Harwood Vale and especially of the bleachworks there that existed from 1865 to 1965.


Publication Number17
TitleHarwood Vale: 1865-1965
AuthorJ F Horridge
Year Published1997
Number of Pages48
ISBN Number9781904974178
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Turton Local History Society #17 - Harwood Vale: 1865-1965


1. Introduction
2. Brief History of Harwood Vale
3. The Farmsteads
4. Water Supply in Harwood Vale
5. Chemical Bleaching in Bolton Area
6. The Beginnings of Harwood Vale Bleach Works
7. 1871 - 1899
8. Thomas Warburton
9. Branch of the Bleachers' Association
10. World War One
11. Inter-War Years
12. Postwar
13. Latter Days


A1. Feudal Harwood
A2. William Hulme
A3. Early Land Measurement
A4. The Hardcastles
A5. The Bleachers' Association
A6. The Ramsdens
A7. The Shelmerdines
A8. Edward Rushton, Son and Kenyon Letter

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Ainsworth, Allinson, Armitage, Baber, Baguley, Baker, Ball, Banastre, Barber, Best, Bird, Booth, Bridge, Bromilow, Bromley, Brook, Brooke, Brown, Byrne, Clegg, Combes, Cooper, Crook, Cross, D’Ewais, Davenport, Dickinson, Dootson, Eastham, Ellerband, Entwistle, Fielding, Forrest, Foster, Gerard, Grant, Greenhalgh, Hadley, Hamer, Hampson, Hardcastle, Hardman, Hargreaves, Harrison, Harwood, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Hellibrand, Heys, Heywood, Higson, Hindle, Hobson, Hoggs, Holland, Holt, Hopwood, Hornby, Horrocks, Howarth, Hudson, Hulme, Hulmes, Jackson, Kay, Kenyon, Kershaw, Kirkman, Kitchen, Lever, Lomax, Lucas, Maitland, Markland, Marmaduke, Mason, Mather, McGinnis, Mosley, Mudd, Murton, Neary, Norris, Nuttall, Oddie, Ormerod, Ramsden, Ridgway, Roberts, Robinson, Rostron, Rothwell, Rothwell-Jackson, Row, Rushton, Salmesbury, Scowcroft, Sellers, Shaw, Shelmerdine, Singleton, Slater, Smethurst, Smith, Southport, Starkie, Stephenson, Strange, Street, Swift, Sykes, Taylor, Thomason, Thompson, Tootill, Trafford, Trow, Vallette, Vickers, Walch, Walsh, Warburton, Watt, Weaver, Weir, Whittaker, Widdup, Wright, Wylde

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