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22. Hardy Cornmill


The story of the watermill and local community at the heart of Harwood.


Publication Number22
TitleHardy Cornmill
AuthorJ F Horridge
Year Published2001
Number of Pages68
ISBN Number9781904974222
Amazon ASIN1904974228 (view on Amazon)
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Turton Local History Society #22 - Hardy Cornmill


1. Introduction
2. The Development of Harwood Township
3. Watermills in Britain
4. Manorial Mills
5. The Cornmill
6. The Hardies
7. The Heatons
8. The Estate Divided
9. The Walch's
10. Troubled Times
11. The Last Miller
12. The Hopwoods
13. David Walsh's Charity
14. Heaton's Farm
15. Joshua Lomax
16. Latter Days


A1. Final Concord 1589
A2. Winnowing Machine & Flail
A3. Will of Meadowcroft Heaton (abridged)
A4. Tea Company Row
A5. Will of John Walch (abridged)
A6. Will of Margaret Thweat (abridged)
A7. Oud Sachs Factory
A8. Bradshaw, Hardy Mill and Affetside
A9. The Last Local Man-Trap

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Albinson, Allen, Anderton, Andrews, Artingstall, Ashton, Ashurst, Aspinall, Atkinson, Banastre, Bancroft, Barrow, Best, Booth, Brady, Bridge, Bromiley, Brooke, Burton, Calderbank, Chetham, Clarke, Croichloe, Crompton, Cross, Crossly, Cunliffe, Darbishire, Davenport, Dean, Duckinfield, Dukinfield, Entwistle, Eskrick, Farnworth, Fletcher, Fogg, Gerard, Green, Greenhalgh, Greenwood, Grelley, Grundy, Hampson, Hardcastle, Hardman, Hardy, Hargreaves, Harrison, Harwood, Harworth, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Heywood, Higson, Holden, Holland, Holmes, Holt, Hope, Hopwood, Horridge, Horrocks, Hough, Howarth, Hulme, Hurst, Ingham, Isherwood, Jenkinson, Kay, Kennedy, Kenyon, Kinnersley, Kirkman, Knowles, Lancashire, Leach, Lee, Lister, Lomax, Longworth, Lord, Lowe, Makinson, Mitchell, Monfreulle, Monk, Morrall, Morrell, Mort, Mosley, Nabbs, Naylor, Nuttall, Ormerod, Ormrod, Pilling, Platt, Poitou, Ramsbottom, Ramsden, Ramwell, Riley, Roscoe, Rothwell, Rushton, Samlesbury, Sanderson, Scowcroft, Shippard, Simpson, Singleton, Slade, Smeaton, Smith, Snape, Southworth, Stanley, Stephenson, Taylor, Thomasson, Thweat, Tonge, Trafford, Turner, Valentine, Walch, Walmsley, Warburton, Whitehead, Whittle, Wolfenden, Woods

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