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9. Harwood Friendly Societies


A history of the sick and burial societies in Harwood and mainly of the Harwood Temperance Sick and Burial Society that existed from 1836 to 1947.


Publication Number9
TitleHarwood Friendly Societies
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1987
Number of Pages19
ISBN Number9781904974093
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Turton Local History Society #9 - Harwood Friendly Societies


The Harwood Background, p1
Harwood Methodism and Temperance Movement, p2
The Harwood Burial Societies, p5
The Harwood Temperance and Burial Society, p7
The Build-up to the First 50 Years, p10
The Second Fifty Years, p14
The Closing Stages, p16


Harwood Wesleyan Sunday School 1822, p3
Rule Books of the Original Burial Society, p5
Rule Books of the Harwood Temperance Sick and Burial Society, p7
The 1837 Bankbook with Hardcastle Cross & Co. Bolton, p8
Longsight Methodist Chapel, Opened November 1862, p12
The Second Longsight Methodist School, 1880-1958, p12

Surnames Included

Ashworth, Aspinall, Bentley, Beswick, Bolton, Booth, Bromiley, Brooks, Brown, Bury, Brindle, Cunliffe, Chapman, Clegg, Crook, Cookson, Dunn, Edgell, Entwistle, Fletcher, Greenhalgh, Gregson, Haley, Hamer, Hampson, Hardman, Harrison, Hargreaves, Hartley, Haslam, Haworth, Higson, Hill, Holt, Hopwood, Horrocks, Horridge, Kay, Kitchen, Kirkham, Kirkman, Leach, Lee, Lomax, Marsden, Moseley, Norris, Nuttall, Peak, Platt, Ramsden, Radcliffe, Roscow, Scott, Scholes, Scowcroft, Shaw, Sharples, Smith, Starkie, Strom, Thompson, Tootil, Walsh, Whittle, Whowell, Wilkins, Wild

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