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5. Bradshaw & Harwood Collieries


A history of coal mining in Bradshaw and Harwood.


Publication Number5
TitleBradshaw & Harwood Collieries
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1982
Number of Pages32
ISBN Number9781904974055
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Turton Local History Society #5 - Bradshaw & Harwood Collieries


1. Introduction
2. Early evidence of coal mining
3. Evolution of the pit and colliery
4. Methods of working
5. Haulage and winding
6. Early mining in Bradshaw, 1600 - 1700
7. Mining in Bradshaw, 1700 - 1750
8. Mining in Harwood, 1700 - 1800
9. Mining in Bradshaw, 1750 - 1800
10. Bradshaw Colliery
11. Harwood Colliery
12. The Bradshaw 'Coal Rush' of 1926
13. Windy Hill Pit


1. Coal Seams of Bradshaw District
2. Section of strata in Bradshaw
3. Forms of Mining
4. Undercutting the Coal Seam
5. Bradshaw Colliery Mining System
6a. Site New Heyes Pit, Bradshaw Colliery
6b. Drainage Adit from Bradshaw Colliery
7. Ladder Pit, Tottington Road, Harwood, 1828
8. Riding Gate Pits, Harwood, 1838
9a. Site of New or Hill End Pit, Harwood Colliery
9b. Loading Ramps adjacent to Harwood Colliery Shaft, Tottington Road, Harwood
10. Joseph Dickinson's sketch of drainage level from Hill End Pit down to Bradshaw Engine Pit

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Ball, Barton, Becke, Bennett, Bradshaw, Bradshaw-Isherwood, Brownlow, Burton, Calderbank, Charlton, Chetham, Collier, Crompton, Dickinson, Dutton, Edmundson, Fletcher, Gibson, Greenhalgh, Grundy, Haddock, Hall, Hamer, Hardcastle, Hardman, Hargreaves, Harrison, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Higson, Holt, Horrocks, Hulton, Isherwood, Jackson, Kay, Knowles, Leach, Lever, Lomax, Longworth, Lver, Mason, Massey, Mosley, Nuttall, Ormerod, Parton, Pilkington, Pilling, Platt, Radcliffe, Ramwell, Rawsthorne, Ridgeway, Roscow, Scowcroft, Seddon, Slater, Smith, Sott, Stott, Thornley, Thweates, Tracey, Walch, Whalley, Whittle, Wright, Yates

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