Tuesday 1 September 1987

8. Turton Tales II


A study of Humphrey Chetham followed by a description of Turton, its history,  government, industries, and recreational facilities.


Publication Number8
TitleTurton Tales II
AuthorG Openshaw &  J G Barber-Lomax
Year Published1987
Number of Pages11
ISBN Number9781904974086
Amazon ASIN1904974082 (view on Amazon)
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Turton Local History Society #8 - Turton Tales II


1. Humphrey Chetham (Gerald Openshaw)
2. Turton Jottings (J G Barber-Lomax)


Humphrey Chetham
Turton Tower in the 15th Century
Turton Old Chapel
The Chetham Chest with chained books 1655
Turton Tower

Surnames Included

Appleton, Ashworth, Barlow, Chetham, Churchill, Cromwell, Entwistle, French, Gandhi, Halliday, Hamer, Horrocks, Kay, Knowles, Millington, Orrell, Spencer, Stanley, Walker, Wood

Surnames: Walker, Knowles, Chetham, Barlow, Appleton
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