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36. Mining in Turton


A description of all the  historic coal and fireclay mining in the former Urban District of Turton in Lancashire.


Publication Number36
TitleMining in Turton
AuthorP M Harris
Year Published2013
Number of Pages130
ISBN Number9781904974369
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Turton Local History Society #36 - Mining in Turton


1. Introduction
2. Miners and Mining
3. Bradshaw, Harwood and Affetside
4. Edgworth
5. Entwistle
6. Longworth
7. Quarlton
8. Turton - Bromley Cross
9. Turton - Turton Bottoms and Birches
10. Turton - Egerton
11. Turton - Turton Moor
12. Epilogue


Old shafts on Turton Moor
Hoddlesden No 12, Pit
Turton coalfield, map
Bradshaw & Harwood: seam depths
Bradshaw & Harwood: mining
Bradshaw Estate Map of 1831
Bradshaw Colliery: 6 inch OS map
Bradshaw Colliery: plan
Bradshaw Colliery: section
Surface workings near Affetside
Site of New Heys Pit
Bradshaw Colliery: Engine Shaft
Bradshaw Colliery: Old Bye Shaft
Harwood: plan of watercourses
Harwood plan, 1797-1801
Riding gate in 1910
Harwood: Riding Gate Pit
Harwood: Ladder Pit
Riding Gate: mining plan
Riding Gate: section
Harwood Colliery: mine plan
Loading platform on Tottington Road
Shaft at Old Neds
Workings of Hoddlesden Colliery
Advertisement for J Place & Son
Tramway at Hoddlesden No 12 Pit
Shaft sinking crew at No 12 Pit
Shaft sinking at No 12 Pit
No 12 Pit headframe
Site of No 12 pit in 2010
No 12 Pit shaft
Line of former railway
Broadshead Valley
Grey Stone Hill
Broadhead Colliery: 6 in OS map
Coal outcrop at Broadhead
Broadhead Colliery: section
Old coke ovens at Broadhead
Old shaft at Broadhead
Wayoh Reservoir plan
Wayoh Reservoir
Arbitration Hearing
Entwistle on Yates Map
Turnpike across Cranberry Moss
Collieries on Cranberry Moss
Cranberry Moss
Cranberry Moss Enclosure Plan
Cranberry Moss Coalfield
Workings at Cranberry Moss: 1912
Site of Darwen Fireclay Works
Coke ovens on Cranberry Moss
OS Map of Entwistle
Site of Longworth Colliery
OS map of Longworth Colliery
Quarlton Coalfield
Quarlton Estate Plan
Top of Quarlton Farm
Plaque at Top of Quarlton Farm
Quarlton Colliery site
Eagley: Estate Plan
Eagley Bridge: 6 inch OS map
Transcript of Rothwell's mine plan
Original Rothwell's mine plan
Extent of workings at Eagley
Little Brow, Eagley
Former Volunteer Inn
Bertenshaw Colliery: 6 in OS map
Bertenshaw Colliery
Darwen Road, Bertinshaw
Bertinshaw: old shaft
Bromley Cross Coalfield
Horse Gin
Turton Bottoms mine plan
Chapeltown: 6 in OS map
Black Rock Pit
Turton Bottoms: 6 in OS map
Birches: estate plan 1842
Turton Bottoms Coalfield
Shaft subsidence at Birches
Drain into Bradshaw Brook
Cheetham Close Colliery: map
Workings at Cheetham Close
Agreement to work coal at Parrs
Dimple Colliery: 6 in OS map
Site of Dimple Colliery
Turton Moor Coalfield
Section under Turton Moor
Plan of Turton Moor Colliery (old)
Turton Moor Colliery: 1875 plan
Shaft section: 1878
Pipe works: 25 in OS map
View of pipe works
View of tramway of Turton Moor
Colliers at Turton Moor Colliery
William Taylor, mine manager
Site of Turton Moor Colliery (new)
Site of Turton Moor Colliery (old)
Colliery drain
Shaft at old colliery
Track at old colliery
Pit head site at new colliery
Tramway trackbed
Sanitary pipe
Site of shaft near the pipe works
Harwood Colliery plan
Township map

Surnames Included

Armistead, Ashworth, Atherton, Barker, Barlow, Binney, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Briggs, Brownlow, Chetham, Clegg, Cocker, Cole, Crook, Cross, Cryer, Deakin, Dorning, Eccles, Entwistle, Fish, Fogg, Garbett, Greene, Haddock, Hamer, Hardcastle, Hardman, Harris, Haslam, Heywood, Hilton, Hoare, Holt, Hopwood, Horrocks, Howarth, Hulse, Hulton, Isherwood, Kay, Knowles, Leach, Lever, Lomax, Longworth, Lowe, Mason, Mather, Miller, Molesworth, Norbury, Nuttall, Ormerod, Pilkington, Place, Ramsden, Rothwell, Rushton, Scholes, Scoles, Scowcroft, Seddon, Shorrock, Swift, Taylor, Thompson, Thornley, Tyldesley, Walsh, Ward, Wilbraham, Wild, Wood, Woodcock, Wright, Yates

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