Friday 29 September 1978

3. Turton Tales I


A collection of historical family stories relating to Turton.


Publication Number3
TitleTurton Tales I
AuthorR Lindop
Year Published1978
Number of Pages40
ISBN Number9781904974031
Amazon ASIN1904974031 (view on Amazon)
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Turton Local History Society #3 - Turton Tales I


The Orrells of Turton Manor
Mr. Humphrey Chetham and Turton Tower
The Orrells of Meadowcroft Farm
James Orrell, Poet
The Longworths of the Manor of Longworth
Christopher Longworth, Esq., of Longworth
More About the Longworths
The Hultons of Hulton Park
The Critchleys of Critchley Fold
The Longworth - Turton Boundary
Meir Stones
Entwistle and the 1745 Rebellion
James Brandwood
Thomas Thomasson
Edgworth Quaker Burial Ground
The Horrocks Family of Edgworth
Originator of Horrocks Fold
Industrialist and Preston M.P.
Horrocks of Harwood
Blair - An Old Bradshaw Schoolmaster
Winder - An Old Edgworth Schoolmaster
Old School at Dimple
Old School at Turton
Building Club and Turton Tower
Turton Fair

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Asheton, Ashworth, Bailey, Bentley, Blair, Boyson, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Bright, Chetham, Cobden, Critchley, Cromwell, Crook, Cross, Crossley, Dobson, Duckworth, Duval, Entwistle, Fairclough, Fleming, Folds, Galindo, Garstang, Gosnell, Green, Greenhalgh, Hacking, Hall, Hamer, Hardcastle, Harris, Harwood, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Heywood, Holt, Horrocks, Hulton, Hutchinson, Jackson, Kay, Kershaw, Knowles, Lomax, Longford, Longworth, Low, Marsden, Mason, Mitchell, Mosley, Neill, Norbury, Ormyeshaw, Orrell, Parkinson, Probert, Raffald, Ratcliff, Richardson, Rigby, Riley, Rostron, Rothwell, Scholes, Sheldrake, Simpson, Smith, Smythe, Spencer, Tarbock, Thomasson, Turner, Walker, Walsh, Wanklyn, West, Winder, Wood, Worsick, Wright, Yates

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