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31. Churches and Chapels of Turton


The origins and present status of the churches and chapels in the present Walmsley Parish and Turton Parish, in Lancashire.


Publication Number31
TitleChurches and Chapels of Turton
AuthorDavid J. Leeming
Year Published2008
Number of Pages76
ISBN Number9781904974314
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Turton Local History Society #31 - Churches and Chapels of Turton


1. Christianity in England
2. Anglicans in Turton
  2.1 St Anne's Church, Chapeltown
  2.2 St James's Church, Hobb Lane
  2.3 Broadhead Mission
  2.4 Walmsley Old Chapel
  2.5 Christ Church, Walmsley
  2.6 Eagley Schools
  2.7 St Andrews, Bromley Cross
3. Unitarians in Turton
  3.1 Walmsley Unitarian Chapel
4. Congregationalists in Turton
  4.1 Egerton Congregational Church
  4.2 Edgworth Congregational Church
  4.3 Whittlestonehead Chapel, Entwistle
5. Quakers in Turton
  5.1 Edgworth Meeting House
6. Methodists in Turton
  6.1 Edgworth Methodist Church
  6.2 Entwistle Methodist Church
  6.3 Birtenshaw Methodist Chuch
  6.4 Egerton Methodist Church
7. Baptists in Turton
  7.1 Cornerstone Baptist, Bromley Cross
8. Roman Catholics in Turton
  8.1 St Aldhelm's, Edgeworth
  8.2 St John's Bromley Cross


St Anne’s, Chapeltown
Christ Church, Walmsley
Church & chapel location map
Turton Old Chapel
St Anne’s Church
St Anne’s May Queen
St James’s, Hob Lane
St James’s, nativity play
St James’s, foundation stone
Broadhead Mission, 1935
Broadhead Mission, 2008
Walmsley Old Chapel
Walmsley Old Chapel aerial view
Christ Church Walmsley, 2008
Christ Church interior
Eagley Bridge School
Eagley Day School, interior
St Andrew’s, old church
St Andrew’s, c1935
Walmsley Unitarian Chapel, 1888
Dimple, 1953
Walmsley Unitarian School, 1986
Egerton Cong. Chapel, 1888
Egerton Cong. Chapel, 2005
Edgworth Cong. Chapel, 1822
Edgworth Cong Chapel, 1866
Whittlestonehead Chapel, 1960
Whittlestonehead Ch, 2006
Whittlestonehead tablet
Quaker Meeting House
Thomasson Fold map, 1929
Old Meeting House
Edgworth Methodist
Edgworth Methodist, door
Edgworth Methodist interior
Entwistle Methodist Chapel
Entwistle memorial tablet
Birtenshaw School, 1823
Birtenshaw School, 1987
Birtenshaw map
Egerton Wesleyan, wedding
Egerton map
Egerton Chapel, 2005
Cornerstone Baptist
Cornerstone News Sheet
St Aldhelm’s, Thomasson Fd
St Aldhelm’s, 1902-1909
St Aldhelm’s, 1909-1976
Egerton Women’s Guild
Christ Church School
Rose Queen
Unitarian Anniversity
Christ Church
Birtenshaw Meths

Surnames Included

Appleyard, Ashton, Ashworth, Atkinson, Barlow, Blacknett, Bowden, Brackenbury, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Briscoe, Bristow, Brook, Burne-Jones, Chadwick, Chetham, Clarke, Clayton, Cleworth, Clift, Cocker, Cooper, Cramer-Roberts, Critchlaw, Croft, Cromwell, Crooke, Davies, Dawson, Deakin, Dewhurst, Duggan, Dunn, Entwistle, Evans, Folds, Ford, Fox, Garnett, Gill, Goodwin, Greenhalgh, Greg, Grisdale, Halliday, Hamer, Hampson, Hanstock, Harper, Harris, Harrison, Haslam, Hawarth, Hayes, Hayworth, Healey, Heap, Helme, Hewitt, Heywood, Hill, Hoare, Hoares, Holiday, Holt, Horrocks, Hoskyns, Houley, Howarth, Hutchinson, Isherwood, Jackson, Jones, Kay, Kenyon, Kershaw, Key, Knowles, Lawson, Leigh, Leyland, Lindesey, Lord, Lowe, Mangnall, Marsden, Mason, Mather, Milne, Morris, Nightingale, Norbury, Nutter, Oddie, Ogden, Ogden-Spencer, Orrell, Pappalardo, Philpott, Poictou, Priestley, Probert, Ramsden, Rostron, Rothwell, Scott, Sharpe, Sharples, Sheldrake, Slade, Slater, Smith, Smyth, Spencer, Starkie, Stidham, Taylor, Thistlewaite, Thomasson, Thornton, Tildesley, Tilsley, Topping, Walker, Walsh, Ward, Wardle, Warren, Wesley, Whittle, Winder, Winward, Wood, Wright, Yates

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