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20. 2000 - Turton through the Ages


An illustrated millennium review of the histories of the townships of Bradshaw, Edgworth, Harwood, Longworth, Quarlton and Turton in the parish of Bolton-le-Moors.


Publication Number20
Title2000 - Turton through the Ages
AuthorEd. J F Horridge
Year Published1999
Number of Pages189
ISBN Number9781904974208
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Turton Local History Society #20 - 2000 - Turton through the Ages


1. Introduction: The TLHS
2. Development of the Christian Calendar
3. Prehistoric and Roman Turton
4. The Origins of Turton District
5. The Township of Bradshaw
6. The Township of Edgworth
7. The Township of Entwistle
8. The Township of Harwood
9. The Township of Longworth
10. The Township of Quarlton
11. The Township of Turton
12. Local Government

Photographs and Illustrations

p2 Townships of Parish of Bolton-le-Moors (map)
p2 The Turton Urban District (map)
p3 TLHS Social Evening and Exhibition 1974
p3 TLHS Meeting 1990
p4 TLHS Working Party 1975
p4 TLHS Summer Walkabout 1990
p5 Remains of Water Wheel, Turton Tower 1975
p6 Turton Date Stones
p11 The Pikestones - Bolton's earlest prehistoric monument
p11 Hooped Bucket Type Urn
p11 Bolton Archaelogical Society 1958
p12 Stone Hand Axes - Delph Reservoir
p12 Bronze Age Axehead - Edgworth
p12 Quern Stone - Bradshaw Road
p13 Chetham Stone Circle Plan 1894
p13 Chetham Close Stone Circle
p14 Helmshore Local History Society's Map 1955 - Excavations of the Roman Road at Turton
p14 Roman Road Excavation 1955
p15 Roman Road Excavation 1955
p15 Mr Tom Elsdon
p15 Fragmented Roman Pot, Pallet Farm, 1997
p17 Land between Ribble and Mersey (map)
p21 Bradshaw Hall
p21 Bradshaw Hall Porch 1980
p21 Bradshaw Hall Porch 1999
p22 Bradshaw Hall 1920
p22 Church Men's Class Visiting Bradshaw Hall
p22 The Last Processional Visit to Bradhaw Hall
p23 Bradshaw Hall Fold Farm
p23 Hall Fold Barn
p23 Dutch Barns
p24 Affetside Cross
p24 Base of Bradshaw Cross
p25 The Old Church, Brashaw
p25 St. Maxentius Church, Bradshaw
p26 Rigbys Coversion c1894
p26 Rigby Mission Hall
p26 Higher Bradshaw Mission Hall
p27 Bradshaw Sunday School Processions
p28 The First Bradshaw School
p28 St. Maxentius Church School, Bradshaw
p29 St. Maxentius School Boys Playground c1900
p29 St. Maxentius School Classes c1938
p29 St. Maxentius Primary School Class 1996
p30 Bradshaw Chorus (music sheet)
p31 The Crofters Arms, Bradshaw 1950
p31 Bull's Head, Bradshaw c1910
p31 The Lamb, Bradshaw
p32 The Jumbles, The Weir, c1935
p32 The Jumbles, The Keepers Cottage, c1935
p32 The Jumbles, The Bottom Bridge, c1920
p33 Sketch of Bradshaw Bleach Works 1951
p33 Bradshaw Hall Bleach Works Enging House c1926
p33 Bradshaw Hall Bleach Works Outing c1920
p34 Bradshaw Works 1985
p35 Horrobin Bleachworks 1965
p35 Jumbles Reservoir 1982
p36 Bradshaw Scout and Guide Troops, 1932
p36 Jumbles Goatherd c1945
p37 Higher Waterfold, Bradshaw
p37 Old Waterford, Bradshaw
p37 Old Waterford Timber Framing, 1985
p38 Brown Barn Farm
p38 Meadow Barn (now Bradshaw Meadows)
p39 Bradshaw Head Farm
p40 Coal Pit Shaft at Old Ned's
p40 Temporary Pit Headgear at Meadow Barn
p40 Subsidence at Meadow Barn
p41 Col. H. M. Hardcastle
p42 George and Arthur Ashworth, 1930
p42 George Ashworth, 1936
p42 George Ashworth, 1953
p43 Bradshaw Football Club Fixture Card 1895-6
p43 Bradshaw Football Club c1920
p44 Bradhaw Cricket Club Second Team 1901
p44 Bradhaw Tennis Club c1911
p44 Bradhaw Bowling Club c1919
p45 Bradshaw Cricket Club c1920
p45 Bradshaw Cricket Club 1936
p45 Bradshaw Cricket Club 1945
p46 Bradshaw Tennis Club c1900
p46 Bradshaw Tennis Club c1908
p46 Bradshaw Tennis Club 1996
p47 St. Maxentius Football Club 1938
p47 Bradshaw Works Stentor Shop Football Team c1912
p47 Timberbottom Olympic Football Club c1930
p48 Local Defence Volunteers 1939
p48 Home Guard Company of Bradshaw and Harwood c1943
p48 Col. Hardcastle & others at Bradshaw Hall c1942
p51 Edgworth Crossroads
p51 Bolton Road, Edgworth
p52 White Horse Crossroads c1930
p52 Holdens Ice Cream, Edgworth
p53 The Great House or Horrocks Fold House, Edgworth
p53 Horrocks Fold, Edgworth
p54 Crown Point
p54 Lancashire Fusiliers Encampment at Sharples Meadow 1915
p55 Sharples Meadow 1999
p55 Sharples Meadow Cottages
p56 White Horse Crossroads c1915
p56 Military Exercise along Blackburn Road, turrning into School Lane
p57 Old School (Hob Lane School), School Lane c1900
p57 School Lane, Edgworth
p58 Hob Lane New School, Edgworth
p58 The Old Chapel, Bolton Road, Edgworth, 1999
p59 Edgworth Methodist School, 1965
p59 Edgworth Primary School
p60 Edgworth Primary School
p60 Turton Bottoms 1925
p61 Turton Bottoms 1940
p61 Sandy Bank
p62 Sandy Bank 1999
p62 Edgworth Co-op 1952
p63 Brandwood Fold
p63 Memorial Plaque: Sir Thomas Barlow, son of James and Alice Barlow
p64 The Barlow Memorial Institute 1999
p64 The Barlow Institute Library c1920
p65 Barlow Institute Craft Group 1999
p65 Barlow Institute Coffee Room c1920
p66 Barlow Institute Bowling Green c1920
p66 Barlow Institute Open Air Swimming Bath c1920
p67 Bury Road
p67 Walker's Spring Vale Mill - Works of 1933
p67 Walker's Spring Vale Mill - Site in 1999
p68 The National Children's Home, Edgworth 1910
p68 The National Children's Home, Edgworth Postcard c1910
p69 The National Children's Home, Edgworth 1999
p70 Greenthorne
p73 Entwistle Hall 1924
p73 Entwistle Hall 1945
p73 Entwistle Hall Ceiling Plasterwork 1984
p74 Coat of Arms of Bertine de Entwistle
p74 Lower Crow Trees, Entwistle c1924
p74 Lower House, Entwistle c1924
p75 Battridge Farm, Entwistle c1900
p75 Pike House Farm, Entwistle
p75 Top oth' Meadow Farm, 1970s
p76 Entwistle New Hall
p76 White Hall Farm, Entwistle 1960s
p76 Entwistle Reservoir, Entwistle 1940s
p77 Wayoh Bridge, Entwistle 1945
p77 Wayoh Fold Barn, Entwistle 1975
p77 Wayoh Fold Barn, Entwistle 1996
p78 Naze End Lane Coke Ovens, Entwistle 1975
p78 Know Mill Print Works, Entwistle 1945
p78 Know Mill, Entwistle 1920
p79 Know Mill - High Court Case Introductory Page
p80 Know Mill, Entwistle 1959
p80 Entwistle Viaduct
p81 Entwistle Station 1950s
p81 Walton Sidings
p82 Entwistle Station 1960
p82 Entwistle Station 1984
p83 Round Barn Cottages
p83 Railway Tavern, Whittlestone Head 1910
p83 Railway Tavern Cottages, 1985
p84 Mr Ben Pilling, signalman
p85 Entwistle Non-Conformist Chapel
p87 Christ's Church, Harwood c1950
p87 First Vicarage
p88 Christ's Church School, Harwood, 1933
p88 The School Maypole Dancers, c1920
p89 Harwood Lodge (Lomax Fold) Painting 1806
p89 Harwood Lodge 1930s
p90 Lower Goodwin Fold Farm
p90 Goodwin House
p91 Cottages at Stitch-mi-Lane 1910
p91 Stitch-mi-Lane Boundary Between Harwood and Breightmet
p91 The White Horse, 1980
p92 Bottom o'th' Moor, Harwood c1900
p92 Bottom o'th' Moor, Harwood 1970s
p92 Bottom o'th' Moor, Harwood c1950
p93 Clegg's Cottage 1944
p93 Brookbank - Early 1900s and 1980s
p94 Old Longsight Farm 1959
p94 Present Longsight Farm 1992
p94 Longsight Farm c1960
p94 Longsight Manor Farm 1991
p95 First Harwood Wesleyan School/Chapel
p95 Present Wesleyan Methodist Chapel
p96 Second Harwood Wesleyan School
p96 Second Harwood Wesleyan School Demolition 1958
p96 Turton Harwood Methodist Infant School
p97 Longsight c1940
p97 Harwood Wesleyan Field Day at Springside Farm c1900
p97 Holcombe Hunt on Longsight c1930
p98 Walsh's Institute
p98 Walsh's Institute Cottages
p99 St Brendan's Roman Catholic Church
p99 Four Lane Ends
p100 Brookfold Cottage 1980
p100 Brookfold Farm 1980
p101 Hardy Mill c1910
p101 Hardy Mill 1920s
p102 Rose Cottage, Harwood
p102 Numbers 89 and 91 Hardy Mill Road, early 1900s
p103 Bryngs House and Barn, Harwood
p103 Bryngs Drive, Harwood
p104 Pitfield Farm 1981
p104 Pitfield Cottage 1981
p104 Prospect Avenue, Harwood
p105 Old Nab Gate 1940s
p105 Nab Gate, Harwood
p106 The Young Farmers Club at Harwood Agricultural Show 1936
p106 Hough Fold, Harwood
p107 Nab Fold Farm, Roading Brook Road
p107 Lincoln Tootill
p107 Bertha Tootill
p108 Lee Gate Farm, Harwood c1910
p108 Lee Gate
p109 Lee Gate Fold
p109 Harwood Shopping Precinct
p110 Harwood Shopping Precinct 1980s
p110 Lee Gate Shops
p111 House without a Name 1940s
p111 Seven Stars 1979
p112 Posey Bank Farm
p112 Posey Bank Cottages
p113 The Grey Mare, early 1900s
p113 The Grey Mare
p113 The old Britannia
p114 Tottington Road Primitive Methodist Chapel (Hephsibah Chapel)
p114 Primitive Methodist Chapel
p114 Tottington Road Chapel Group Outing 1910
p115 Tottington Road and Riding Gate c1910
p115 Tottington Road
p115 Knowles Building
p116 Old Green, Riding Gate 1942
p116 New Green, Riding Gate 1961
p116 Riding Gate Mission 1975
p120 Plan of Longworth
p121 Belmont Reservoir
p121 Signpost erected by Turton Urban District Council
p122 Ornamental Reservoir, Belmont
p122 Ornamental Cottages, Egerton Road, Belmont
p123 Egerton Road
p123 Longworth Clough
p124 Longworth Mill
p124 Longworth Cottages 1915
p124 Longworth Cottages c1934
p125 Critchley Fold, Longworth Road
p125 Valentine’s Quarry
p126 Delph Reservoir Under Construction 1911
p126 Delph Reservoir 1997
p127 Miss Elizabeth Ann Holt, murdered 10th November 1890
p127 Thomas McDonald, murderer
p128 Sketch of Longworth Clough, where body was found
p130 Top of Quarlton 1975
p130 Top of Quarlton plaster work
p130 Top of Quarlton 1980
p131 Wickenlow 1976
p131 Wickenlow Heck 1987
p131 Wickenlow 1997
p132 Quarlton Vale Print Works 1976
p132 Quarlton Vale Chimney 1976
p132 Quarlton Vale House c1930
p133 Walves Reservoir 1977
p133 Walves Cottages 1996
p133 Red Lion Inn 1996
p134 Bury Road Cottages c1900
p134 Bury Road cottages 1996
p141 St Anne’s Church, Chapeltown 1999
p141 Turton Chapel (drawing)
p142 Christ Church Walmsley 1999
p142 Old Chapel House, Cox Green Road
p143 St Andrews Church, Bromley Cross 1989
p143 The new St Andrews Church
p144 The old Wesleyan Sunday School
p144 Birtenshaw Methodist Church and Sunday School, 1999
p145 Walmsley Unitarian Chapel, Dimple, Egerton
p145 Walmsley Unitarian Sunday School
p146 Egerton Methodist Chapel, Blackburn Road, Egerton
p146 Egerton United Reformed Church
p147 Cornerstone Baptist Church, Bromley Cross
p147 St John the Evangelist Roman Catholic Church, Bromley Cross
p148 Eagley School
p148 Chapeltown School
p148 Dimple Sunday School
p149 Eagley School (Turton High School annexe)
p149 Turton St. Anne’s School
p149 Walmsley National School
p150 Turton High School
p150 Eagley Junior School
p150 Egerton County Primary School
p151 Union of Lancashire & Cheshire Institute Certificate
p152 Top o’th Height Farm, Turton
p152 Parrs Farm, Turton
p152 Ramwells Farm, Turton
p152 Nabbs Farm, Green Arms Road, 1999
p153 Dunscar Fold Farm
p154 Hardman’s Farm, Dunscar, 1976
p155 Birtenshaw Hall
p156 Foggs Cottages at Overhouses, Green Arms Road, 1959
p157 Higher Dunscar, 1940
p157 Higher Dunscar, modern
p158 The Egerton Arms (later Egerton Post Office) c1900
p158 Cottages on Blackburn Road, Egerton, c1900
p159 Blackburn Road, Egerton, c1910
p159 Blackburn Road, Egerton, modern
p160 Darwen Road, Dunscar, early 1900s
p160 Tong Field Cottages, 1999
p161 Cottages on Darwen Road 1971
p161 Field Behind Birtenshaw Methodist Chapel, 1930s
p161 Old Barn Place
p162 Number 2 Darwen Road, 1937
p162 High Street, Chapeltown 1937
p163 Wilfred Street, Eagley, 1946
p163 Holme Street, Eagley, 1946
p163 Oaks Avenue, Off Turton Road, 1946
p164 Bromley Cross Train Station 1999
p164 Bromley Cross North Signal Box
p164 Ornate Bridge over railway near Turton Tower
p165 Turton Road c1910
p165 Bradshaw Brow, 1957
p166 Egerton Mill
p166 Egerton Mill 1966
p166 Aerial View of Egerton Mill
p167 Victoria Mill, near the disused Turton Railway Station
p167 Advertisement from the Official Guide to Turton, 1940s
p168 Eagley Mills
p168 Eagley Cliff
p169 Advertisement for Horrocks Fold and Cox Green Quarry, 1881
p169 Cox Green Quarry 1940s
p169 Phillipsons’ Ousel Nest Brickworks, 1921
p170 Messrs E E Walsh’s Cox Green Quarry 1903
p170 Volunteer Inn, Bromley Cross
p171 Advertisement for John Hamer’s Brewery 1881
p171 Turton Fair 1910
p172 Egerton Park 1989
p172 Concert Party at Eagley School
p173 Boys from Chetham’s Hospital School at Turton Tower
p173 Old Kiln Cottages, near Turton Tower
p174 Dunscar War Memorial
p174 World War II Pillbox
p176 Meir Stone on Turton Moor 1998
p176 Cheethams Close (music) written by William Hough 1913
p179 The old Parish Church of St Peter, Bolton
p180 Davenport Fold, Harwood
p180 Bolton Union Workhouse (illustration)
p180 Bolton Union Workhouse (Fishpool)
p181 Bolton Union Workhouse Opening Plaque
p181 Bolton Union Workhouse Main Entrance
p182 Turton Urban District Council
p182 The Council Chamber of TUDC
p183 TUDC Road Gang, 1932
p183 TUDC Road Gang, 1930
p184 TUDC Offices, Bromely Cross, 1939
p184 TUDC Refuse Lorry, 1943
p185 Cllr G H Ashworth, TUDC Chairman, 1924
p185 Turton Tower (illustration)
p186 Cllr G H Ashworth, at Turton Tower 1940s
p186 TUDC Outside Turton Tower 1973
p187 Turton Tower (modern)
p187 The Barlow Institute, Edgworth, 1910

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Allen, Anderton, Appleton, Ashcroft, Ashworth, Asshawe, Aston, Atkinson, Baines, Barlow, Barton, Belasyse, Bennett, Berry, Booth, Bradshaw, Bradshaw-Isherwood, Brindle, Bromiley, Bromley, Brookes, Brooks, Bury, Carrodus, Catterall, Chetham, Clarke, Clegg, Crossley, Cuerden, Cunliffe, Dart, Dawes, Deakin, Edgworth, Elsdon, Entwistle, Fairclough, Field, Fielding, Fletcher, Forshaw, Francis, French, Galindo, Gandhi, Gass, Gerrard, Glaister, Goodwin, Gordon, Greene, Greenhalgh, Grelley, Grundy, Hall, Hamer, Hardcastle, Hardier, Hargreaves, Hartley, Harwood, Haslam, Heaton, Heyes, Holden, Holding, Holland, Holt, Hope, Horrocks, Hough, Howarth, Hulme, Hulton, Ingham, Isherwood, Jackson, Jenkins, Johnson, Jones, Judson, Just, Kay, Kershaw, Knowles, Lacy, Latham, Lathom, Lever, Lindop, Lomax, Longden, Longworth, Maloney, Martin, Mawson, Mayo, McDonald, Messado, Millington, Mitchell, Morris, Moseley, Nuttall, Openshaw, Orrell, Pawsey, Peet, Percival, Pickles, Pilling, Platt, Proctor, Radcliffe, Rees, Ribchester, Rostron, Samlesbury, Sanders, Scowcroft, Sherwood, Shorrocks, Simpson, Smith, Spencer, Standish, Starkie, Sutcliffe, Tattersall, Thomas, Thomasson, Thornley, Thweat, Tootill, Torboc, Torbock, Tyldesley, Walch, Walker, Walsh, Watkin, Whitehead, Whittaker, Williamson, Wood, Wright

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