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37. Pubs in Turton (Part 1)


This book is about establishments for the sale of alcohol that exist or once existed in that part of the former Urban District of Turton comprised of the old townships of Entwistle, Edgworth and Quarlton together with the village of Chapeltown. It includes clubs and off-licenses as well as conventional inns, taverns and beerhouses.

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Publication Number37
TitlePubs in Turton 1
AuthorJohn Barlow
Year Published2018
Number of Pages106
ISBN Number9781904974376
Amazon ASIN1904974376 (view on Amazon)
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Turton Local History Society #37 - Pubs in Turton 1


1 Introduction
2 Edgworth
  106 Bolton Road
  100 Wellington Road
  Black Bull
  Derby Arms
  Hare and Hounds
  Horrocks Fold
  Middle Turn
  Old White Horse
  Rose & Crown
  Spread Eagle
  Toby Inn
  Wheatsheaf Inn
  White Horse Inn
  Liberal Club
  Three Legged Race
3 Entwistle
  Crown & Thistle
  Duke of Wellington
  Lower House
  Moscrop Arms
  Coming of the Railway
  Railway Tavern
  Strawbury Duck
  Whittlestone Head
4 Quarlton
  Farmer's Arms
  Red Lion
5 Chapeltown
  Chetham Arms
  Farmer's Arms
  Gardener's Arns
  Turton Football Club
  Turton Fair
6 Breweries


100 Wellington Road
106 Bolton Road
1881 Advert for Chetham Arms
25 inch Plan of Chapeltown
30/32 Bolton Road
Aerial view of Red Lion
Albert Pollard
Albin Knowles
Alexander Morris, 1890
Alice and Polly Morris
Black Bull
Black Bull customers
Black Bull in 2016
Bobby Jones and Ken Tatlock
Bowling at the Spread Eagle
Bradshaw Brook viaduct
Bury Brewery label
Chetham Arms 1960 & 1970
Chetham Arms advert
Chetham Arms and Farm
Cornbrook Brewery
Crown & Thistle
Crown Brewery label
Dog & Grouse (Toby)
Drinking up notice
Duke of Wellington
Dutton’s Brewery labels
Entwistle Station
Farmer’s Arms
Farmer’s Arms advert
Farmer’s Arms bowling green
Farmer’s Arms clock
Farmer’s Arms in 1930s
Farmer’s Arms in the 1950s
Gardener’s Arms & High Street
Gardener’s Arms in 1982
Girls at Children’s Home
Hamers labels
Harriet Riley at Farmer’s Arms
Harry Morris, 1960s
Harry Vowles memorial
Holcombe Hunt
Holcombe Hunt at Dog & Grouse
Jack and Olive Hulme
John James Bentley
Know Mill
Ladies outside Rose & Crown
Lads working in quarry
Landlord of the Rose & Crown
Lees labels
Lion Brewery mats
Lower Aushaw Farm in 2016
Lower House & map
Lower House 2017
Magee’s Brewery & price list
Map of Edgworth 1796
Map of Edgworth 1850
Map of Edgworth 1850
Map of Turton Bottoms
Map of whole area
Map showing Daisy Bank
Map showing Derby Arms
Map showing Farmer’s Arms
Map showing Hare & Hounds
Map showing Horrocks Fold
Map showing Lower Aushaw
Map showing Middle Turn
Map showing Rose & Crown
Map with Red Lion c1850
Map with Round Barn, 1894
Map with Station Hotel
Map with Wheatsheaf Inn
Matthew Brown advert
Matthew Brown Brewery
Middle Turn Beerhouse
National Children’s Home
Navvy Accommodation
Nellie Allen, licensee
No 5 Horrocks Road
Notice to quit letter
Nuttall’s label
Old bowling green
Old coke oven
Old White Horse and plaque
Olives Spread Eagle 1980s
OS Cut Mark
Outside Gardener’s Arms
Party at the Spread Eagle
Procession outside Derby Arms
Railway Tavern
Railway Tavern
Red Lion 1970s
Red Lion in 2016
Red Lion licensee 1950
Round Barn Quarry
Sharman’s prices
Shaw’s Brewery, Leigh
Smithy at Turton Bottoms
Spring Vale Brewery
Station Hotel
Tavern Farm c1910
Temperance march
Temperance notice
The Toby 2016
Three legged race competition
Three legged race competition
Thwaites Brewery
Thwaites labels & adverts
Townships map
Turton Bottoms in 1925
Turton Fair
Turton old post office
Underground workings
Walleach Fold 1946
White Horse in 1890s
White Horse in 1930 & 1920s
White Horse in 1960s & 1970s
Whittle Spring Brewery etc
Whittlestone Head Inn in 2016
Window at Farmer’s Arms
Women’s procession

Surnames Included

Abbot, Adshead, Ainscough, Ainsworth, Allen, Allsop, Almond, Alston, Armstrong, Ashworth, Atkinson, Barbur, Barlow, Barnes, Beardsworth, Bentley, Billington, Birch, Bleakley, Blezard, Bolton, Bowler, Brandwood, Brick, Bridge, Briggs, Brook, Brookes, Brown, Budge, Burdus, Butterworth, Chadwick, Chetham, Childs, Cooper, Coup, Crompton, Crook, Cunliffe, Deigham, Duckworth, Dutson, Dutton, Duxbury, Earnshaw, Eastwood, Eatough, Edmondson, Entwistle, Ewins, Fairbrother, Fennah, Field, Finnegan, Fish, Fitzpatrick, Foden, Forrest, Fowler, Fullard, Garrett, George, Greaves, Green, Greenhalgh, Greenwood, Grindrick, Hague, Hall, Halsall, Hamer, Hannelly, Harmer, Harwood, Haslam, Hayward, Heywood, Higham, Hilton, Holden, Holland, Holt, Hopkins, Hornby, Horrocks, Howard, Howarth, Hoyle, Hulme, Hume, Hutchinson, Hyde, Isherwood, Jackson, Jenkins, Jenkinson, Jones, Kay, Kenyon, Kerr, Kershaw, Kingsley, Knott, Knowles, Leach, Leeming, Lees, Lewis, Livesey, Lord, Lowe, Magee, Mager, Malone, Marks, Marsden, Marsh, Marshall, Martin, Mather, Miles, Milton, Morris, Moulden, Mullin, Munroe, Nibbs, Nicholson, Nightingale, Nuttall, Oliver, O'Neill, Orrell, Partington, Perry, Pilkington, Pilling, Platt, Pollard, Pomfret, Preston, Ramsden, Ramwell, Rawsthorne, Riley, Robinson, Ross, Rostron, Rowan, Rowson, Rugg, Rutter, Scholes, Scott, Scowcroft, Sharman, Sharrock, Shaw, Shuttlworth, Simpson, Sissons, Smith, Starker, Stephens, Stephenson, Stott, Street, Stubbs, Sydall, Tatlock, Tattersall, Taylor, Thomasson, Thompson, Thwaites, Tindall, Todd, Tootill, Top, Trowe, Turner, Tweedale, Urmston, Vickers, Vowles, Waddicar, Waddicor, Walker, Wallwork, Walsh, Ward, Waring, Webber, Whalley, Whelan, Whitehead, Whiteley, Whittaker, Whittingham, Williams, Wilson, Wolstenholme, Wood, Worthington, Yates

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