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18. Bradshaw Chapel I


Events leading to the formation of  Bradshaw Parish and the building of the church, vicarage and Sunday school


Publication Number18
TitleBradshaw Chapel I
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1998
Number of Pages48
ISBN Number9781904974185
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Turton Local History Society #18 - Bradshaw Chapel I


1. The Beginnings
2. The Early Developments of the Chapel, 1700-1800
3. Evolution of the Chapelry to a Parish
4. The new Church of St. Maxentius
5. The new School and Vicarage
6. Rev R K Judson, Vicar 1877-1915


A. Incumbents, Vicars and Headmasters 1649-1997
B. Church Wardens 1872-1997
C. Parish Boundaries 1853
D. Bibliography


1. St Maxentius Church c1910
2. Drawings of a new Chapel proposed by Petition 1774
3. Bradshaw Chapel / Church c1860
4. Bradshaw Chapel, Rev Galindo and Thos Hardcastle
5. Bradshaw Sunday School Rules
6. Consecration Notice of New Church
7. Grand Opening of the New School 1880
8. Parish Magazine Cover 1887
9. Rev and Mrs Judson
10. The Old School and Class of 1880
11. The New Vicarage of 1887
12. Rigby Mission Jubilee Celebration
13. Church Ladies and Girls at Bradshaw Hall
14. Sunday School Procession 1914 and Rev & Mrs S H Martin
15. Bradshaw at Play
16. Ancient Bell in Old Chapel Tower

Surnames Included

Andrew, Ashworth, Astley, Atkinson, Bancroft, Bankes, Barker, Barlow, Barrett, Beach, Begg, Birtwistle, Blair, Bolton, Booth, Bottams, Bottoms, Boxley, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Bridson, Briggs, Bright, Brocklebank, Bromiley, Bromley, Brooks, Brownson, Bust, Butler, Carmyllie, Cheetham, Clarke, Cobden, Cokayne, Critchley, Croft, Cross, Crossley, Daniels, Dawson, Dean, Dunn, Entwistle, Fairclough, Faunch, Felgate, Fellgate, Fletcher, Freeman, Galindo, Garnett, Garstang, Gillies, Glover, Greenhalgh, Grime, Groves, Haddon, Hamer, Hardcastle, Harpur, Harrison, Haslam, Hawksworth, Haworth, Heap, Heaton, Henderson, Heywood, Hilton, Hindle, Hoare, Holden, Holloway, Holt, Horrocks, Houghton, Howarth, Ingham, Isherwood, Johnson, Jolley, Jones, Judson, Kearshaw, Knowles, Lee, Lomas, Lomax, Longworth, Lowe, Lutener, Martin, Moore, Moorhouse, Morrall, Morris, Naylor, Norris, Nuttall, Ormrod, Paley, Partington, Patterson, Pawsey, Pendlebury, Pevsner, Pickles, Pilling, Pollitt, Powell, Price, Priestley, Proffitt, Ramsden, Rigby, Row, Russell, Scholes, Scowcroft, Sewell, Sharples, Slade, Slater, Smethurst, Smith, Southworth, Spencer, Starkie, Straw, Street, Thexton, Thompson, Thornley, Thweat, Toothill, Uden, Wade, Waldron, Walkden, Walker, Walsh, Whewell, Whitehead, Whittle, Whowell, Wild, Wilkinson, Williams, Wolstenholme, Wroe, Wylde

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