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27. Harwood - The Early Years


A description of the development of the township of Harwood from Anglo-Saxon times to the present.


Publication Number27
TitleHarwood - The Early Years
AuthorJ F Horridge
Year Published2006
Number of Pages84
ISBN Number9781904974277
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Turton Local History Society #27 - Harwood - The Early Years


1. Harwood Township 1600
2. Local Administration & the Manors
3. Land Holdings Before 1600
4. The Stuarts, The Civil War & The Restoration
5. The Church
6. The Five Yeomen
7. The Stanley and Ainsworth Holdings
8. The Farmsteads, Folds & Cornmill
(a) Longworths, (b) Knotts (East and West), (c) Brookfold (North and South), (d) Greenhalgh Fold, (e) Hoyles Fold, (f) Heights, (g) Hill, (h) Leegate, (j) Dewhursts, (k) Davenport Fold, (l) Lomax Fold, (m) Hardy Cornmill (n) Crook Fold, (o) Aspmah Fold, (p) Isherwood Fold
9. Into the Nineteenth Century

(A1) Protestation Returns 1641, (A2) Hearth Tax Returns 1664, (A3) Poll Tax Returns 1678, (A4) Harwood Wills at Chester (1592 - 1713), (A5) Tithe Commissioner's Report 1844, (A6 & A7) Enquiry of Encroachment 1694

Bolton-le-Moors Parish (p2)
Ancient Kingdoms (p2)
News-sheet of 1643 (p5)
Map of Salford Hundred (p6)
Natural Features of Turton (p6)
Map of Manchester c1650 (p9)
Petition to the Justices (p11)
Final Concord 1589 (p15)
Survey Bolton le Moors (p19)
John Bradshaw (p21)
Death Warrant of Charles I (p21)
Great Lever Hall (p26)
Conveyances 1612-1620 (p29)
Kearsley Hall (p32)
Longworths Farm (p34)
Longsight Farm (p34)
Top o'th' Knotts (East) (p36)
Top o'th' Knotts (West) (p36)
Brookfold Farm (North) (p38)
Brookfield Farm, roof frame (p38)
Brookfield Farm, wall Frame (p39)
Brookfold Farm (South) (p39)
Map of Harwood c1600 (p40)
Greenhalgh Fold (p44)
Goodwin Fold (p44)
Pitfield Farm (p45)
Bryings Farm (p45)
Hoyles Fold (p48)
Heights Farm (p48)
Heyheads Farm (p51)
Hill Farm (p51)
Hill farm, wall frame (p52)
Hill Farm, heck (p52)
Leegate Farm (p54)
Leegate Eastern (p54)
Oxshutt Gate Farm (p55)
Hardy Mill Farm (p55)
White Horse Inn (p57)
Davenport Fold (p57)
Lomax Fold (p60)
Nab Gate Farm (p60)
Hardy Cornmill (p62)
Heatons Farm (p62)
Walsh's Institute (p64)
Crook Fold (p64)
Aspmah Fold (p66)
Hill End Farm (p66)
Higher Barn Farm (p67)
Castle Farm (p67)
Isherwood Fold (p69)
Nab Fold Farm (p69)
Springfield Farm (p70)
Harwood Map c1800 (p72)
Bolton Parish Church (p74)
Parson Folds (p74)
Riding Gate (p84)
Bottom o'th' Moor

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Ashurst, Ashworth, Aspinall, Astingstal, Banastre, Barler, Barlow, Battersby, Birtwisle, Booth, Bradley, Bradshaw, Bridge, Bromiley, Brooke, Cheetham, Clenche, Crompton, Crook, d’Ewias, Dampford, Darbyshire, Davenport, Dewhurst, Entwistle, Eskrick, Fell, Fogg, Goodwin, Greenhalgh, Grelley, Grey, Halliday, Hamer, Hampson, Hardman, Hardy, Harpur, Harrison, Harwood, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Heys, Higson, Hilton, Holland, Holme, Holt, Hopwood, Horridge, Horrocks, Hough, Hulton, Hurst, Isherwood, Kay, Kershaw, Kirkman, Knowles, la Warre, Lacey, Lancashire, Leystar, Lomax, Longworth, Lowe, Mangall, Manley, Markland, Mason, Massey, Meadowcroft, Meyo, Mosley, Mutchell, Nabbs, Nightingale, Norberry, Nuttall, Okey, Openshaw, Ormrod, Orrell, Parker, Pilling, Pooley, Ramsden, Readman, Rishton, Robinson, Roscoe, Samlesbury, Sanderson, Saunderson, Scowcroft, Seddon, Settle, Sharrocke, Sidall, Singleton, Slater, Southworth, Stanley, Stanton, Stephenson, Taylor, Tong, Tootill, Trafford, Turner, Vickers, Walmysley, Walsh, Warburton, West, Whowell, Wolstenholme, Wood, Woofenden

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