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13. The Enclosure of Harwood Commons


A description of the formal enclosure of the remaining common land in Harwood in the parish of Bolton-le-Moors.


Publication Number13
TitleThe Enclosure of Harwood Commons
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1990
Number of Pages25
ISBN Number9781904974130
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Turton Local History Society #13 - The Enclosure of Harwood Commons


Township Background, p1
Pre-Enclosure Harwood, p2
The Act of Enclosure, p12
The Award, p14
The Allotment Apportionment, p17
Post-Enclosure, p25


Pre-Enclosure Farms. Brook Fold and Aspmah, p3
Pre-Enclosure Farms. Hough Fold and Lee Gate, p4
Wm. Yates. Map of Lancashire 1786, p6
Harwood Township, West. 1797, p10
Harwood Township, East. 1797, p11
New Road System. 1801, p15
Farms built after Enclosure.  Raikes and Pawsey Bank, p26

Surnames Included

Allen, Artingstall, Ashworth, Aspinall, Aspindell, Barlow, Bolton, Bourne, Bradshaw, Brandwood, Bridge, Brindley, Bromiley, Brooke(s), Bury, Chadwick, Cheetham, Clegg, Coop, Crompton, Crook, Cross, Davenport, Dean, Dearden, Entwistle, Eskrick, Fell, Fletcher, Flitcroft, Fogg, Folds, Formby, Goodall, Goodwin, Green, Greenhalgh, Grundy, Hague, Hallen, Hamer, Hampson, Hardman, Hardy, Harrison, Harwood, Haslam, Haworth, Heaton, Heywood, Higson, Holmes, Hopwood, Horridge, Horrocks, Horton, Hough, Howarth, Hulme, Hulton, Isherwood, Jackson, Jamesone, Kaye, Kinder, Kirkam, Kirkman, Knare, Knowles, Law, Leach, Lee, Lever, Lichford, Lloyd, Lomax, Longworth, Mangall, Manlen, Markland, Marsh, Mason, Meadowcroft, Mitchell, Mosley, Mutchell, Nuttall, Oldham, Ormerod, Parker, Pawsey, Pilling, Pillings, Robinson, Roscow, Rothwell, Samlebury, Scholes, Scowcroft, Seddon, Settle, Slater, Soutworth, Starkie, Steer, Swill, Taylor, Thomasson, Threlfall, Thweat, Tonge, Trafford, Turner, Vickers, Walch, Warburton, Whittle, Wolstonholme, Yates

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