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32. The Barlow Institute


A centennial history of the Barlow Institute in Edgworth from its foundation by the Barlow family to the present.


Publication Number32
TitleThe Barlow Institute
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published2009
Number of Pages60
ISBN Number9781904974321
Amazon ASIN1904974325 (view on Amazon)
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Turton Local History Society #32 - The Barlow Institute


Life and Times of James and Alice Barlow
The Barlow Family and the Institute
The Foundation of the Institute and Grounds
The Grand Opening and Early Use
Later Developments
Into the Second Century


The Barlow Institute 2008
The Barlow Institute 1909
Simons Farm, Redisher
Brandwood Fold, Edgworth
Albert Mills: 1887
Prospect Mills: 1887
Edgworth Methodist Church: 1828
Edgworth Methodist Church: 1863
Greenthorne Farmhouse
Greenthorne House
The old Wheatsheaf Inn
Edgworth Children’s Home
James Barlow
Greenthorne with library extension
Catalogue cover: 1887
Greenthorne: sitting room fireplace
Dining Room fireplace
Sir Thomas Barlow
Spy cartoon of Sir Thomas Barlow
Miss Annie Barlow c1890
Miss Annie Barlow c1925
Autumn day at Greenthorne
Walleach Farmhouse
OS map of 1912
William Kingsley of Edgworth
The boating lake
Open-air swimming pool
Edgworth Cricket Team c1900
Decorators and finishers
Opening day souvenir programme
The Reading Room
The Coffee Room
The Billiards Room
Early photograph of the Institute
The Boating Lake
Institute grounds and Boating Lake
Edgworth cyclists
Charabanc trip
Army camp on Edgworth Meadows
Blair’s Hospital
Gymnastics Club: 1920s
Gymnastics display
The Boating Lake
Institute Annual Meeting: 1927
Horticultural Society meeting: 1927
Athletic Club meeting: 1927
Girls’ Club: enrolment
Institute concert: 1926
Institute Cinematograph show: 1928
Edgworth Operatic Society: 1931
St Aldhelms Players presentation: 1932
Edgworth Tennis Club dance: 1928
T E Clarke Ltd whist drive: 1929
Institute Billiards Club: whist drive
Girls Gymnasium: whist drive
Brotherhood lectures: 1927-28
Temperance Union talk: 1927
League of Nations lecture: 1927
Winter lecture programme
National Farmers Union lecture: 1927
Lancs Agriculture Dept lecture: 1930
Turton UDC demonstration: 1930
Lancs CC public health film: 1930
Edgworth & District Operatic Soc
Annie Barlow & Mahatma Gandhi
Old Engine Cottage
Evacuees arriving at Turton
Edgworth Cricket Club: 1948
Edgworth Cricket Pavilion: 1974
Edgworth Bowling Club: 1963
Enjoying a game of bowls: 1965
Wedding reception: 1962
WI: Fifth Anniversary celebration
WI: New Year luncheon
WI: Craft Group
TLHS: Members Evening, 1974
TLHS: water wheel
TLHS: visit to Greenthorne, 1999
TLHS: Slide show
The Millennium Cross
Dedication of the Millennium Cross
Millennium Embroidery: 2000
Pantomime: 2003
Edgworth Bowling Club members
Edgworth Cricket Club: new pavilion
Horticultural Society Show: 2008
Edgworth Beer Festival: 2008
WW I soldiers photographs
Edgworth ‘Milk Bar’
Recreation ground
Roy Lancaster
James Barlow’s badge
1911 plan of the grounds

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Alderman, Alderson, Appleton, Armitage, Armstrong, Ashton, Ashworth, Athertden, Bailey, Banks, Barlow, Barnes, Baron, Bentley, Berry, Booth, Bowling, Brandwood, Briggs, Brindle, Broughton, Bullen, Butterworth, Capenerhurst, Chorlton, Connor, Constantine, Conway, Crompton, Crook, Cross, Daulman, Deal, Dixon, Dobbin, Donnelly, Dowle, Driver, Duckworth, Dunn, Edwards, Entwistle, Fairhurst, Fallows, Fish, Forrest, Gandhi, Gardiner, Gardner, Glimore, Goody, Grant, Greenhalgh, Grimshaw, Haddock, Hall, Hamer, Hampson, Hanley, Harling, Haslam, Hastings, Haydock, Hickey, Hill, Hilton, Hindle, Holt, Hough, Inkpen, Innes, Isherwood, Jones, Kenyon, Kernick, Kingsley, Knowles, Lever, Lomax, Martin, Massey, Mather, Mawson, Mayer, McIlroy, McIvor, Miller, Mitchell, Mitton, Morris, Openshaw, Pegman, Perry, Pilling, Ramsbottom, Rigby, Rogers, Rooney, Rothwell, Samuel, Scowcroft, Simmons, Simpson, Smith, Spencer, Spring, Stamp, Sydall, Syddall, Thomason, Tipper, Tootel, Wadhams, Waldron, Walters, Wareing, Whipp, Whitaker, Whitehead, Whitlock, Whittaker, Whowell, Wild, Williams, Winder, Woldenden, Wolstenholme, Wood, Woods

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