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23. People and Places of Turton


Includes four topics:- James Brandwood and the Quaker meeting house in Edgworth,  ‘hecks’ (early fireplace hoods) in Turton, the Volunteer Brewery and the Hamer family, Victoria Mill- the last working mill in Turton.


Publication Number23
TitlePeople and Places of Turton
AuthorEd. J F Horridge
Year Published2003
Number of Pages64
ISBN Number9781904974239
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Turton Local History Society #23 - People and Places of Turton


1. James Brandwood and the Edgworth Quaker Meeting House
2. Hecks of Turton
3. The Volunteer Brewery and the Hamers
4. Victoria Mill - the Last Working Mill in Turton


Map of Edgworth, 1845
Thomasson Fold, 1837
Thomasson Fold Cottage
Plasterwork over fireplace
Crawshawbooth 1760
Old Meeting House c1900
Edgworth Meeing House
House at Cox Green
Auction Notice 1798
Wm Wood Account 1800
James Brandwood's letter
Dimple School c1800
Meeting House today
First Hob Lane School
Heck Construction

Chapel House Farm 1991
Chetham Farmhouse 2001
Lower Crow Trees 1959
Brandwood Fold 1975
Pelton Fold 1999
Walsh Fold 1961
Higher Waterfold 1968
Old Neds 1985
Brookfold 1987

OS Map 1850
OS Map 1930
Hamer Family c1875
Axon's Directory 1881
Town Hall Tavern
Etched Window
Bottle Labels
Plan of Brewery c1930
Volunteer Brewery c1940
Steam Tractor 1903
Dunscar Fold 1948
Carr's race horses 1952
Holcombe Hunt 1936
Letter heading 1949
Volunteer Inn 1950
Infirmary Plaque 1948
John Hamer and wife Anne
Volunteer Inn 2003
Adjacent houses 2003
Pub check & model barrel

Indenture Plan 1853
John and Sarah Brooks
Brooks' letter heading
OS Map Chapeltown 1910
Mill and cottages 1890
Turton Station yard gang
Turton Towel Co Advert
Sales wrapper 1990
Crown Mill, Hawkshaw
Turton Station 1930
Turton Station Yard 1950
Wms Deacon's Bank 1990
Victoria Mill 2001
Hamer's Sales Notice
House Without a Name

Surnames Included

Ashworth, Aspinall, Baron, Barrett, Binns, Boardman, Brandwood, Brooks, Calderbank, Carr, Chadwick, Chetham, Cochrane, Cooper, Deacon, Dewhurst, Dutton, Entwistle, Fletcher, Frere, Green, Greene, Greenhalgh, Hall, Hamer, Hardman, Haslam, Haworth, Healey, Hodkinson, Horrocks, Howarth, Howell, Isherwood, Jenkins, Kay, Kershaw, Knowles, Lathom, Leland, Lomax, Low, Nightingale, Odgen, Orrell, Probert, Ridgeway, Rishton, Roberts, Rothwell, Scholes, Scowcroft, Smith, Taylor, Telford, Thomasson, Wood

Word cloud showing surname frequency