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25. Harwood Hill Farms & Riding Gate


A historical study of Riding Gate, and the Knotts farms in Harwood together with the adjacent Old Neds Farm in Bradshaw.


Publication Number25
TitleHarwood Hill Farms & Riding Gate
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published2004
Number of Pages92
ISBN Number9781904974253
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Turton Local History Society #25 - Harwood Hill Farms & Riding Gate


1. The Knotts Farms of Harwood 1600 - 1670
2. The Knotts Farms of Harwood 1670 - 1800
3. The Knotts Farms of Harwood 1800 - 1900
4. Bridges - Edward Bridges of Old Neds
5. Riding Gate - The Early Days
6. Riding Gate Area 1800 - 1900
7. Industrial Activities of the Area
8. Knotts/Hoyles Fold 1900 - 2000
9. Riding Gate Area 1900 - 2000


Top o’th’ Knotts (Front Cover)
Harwood Township (i)
Knotts tenants (p7)
Roads & Enclosure Award (p13)
Top o’th’ Knotts datestone (p15)
Lower Knotts cottages (p18)
Loom shop (p18)
Lower Knotts cottages (p19)
Top o’th’ Greaves (p19)
Knotts Estate plan (p21)
OS map of Riding Gate (p21)
OS map of Area (p25)
Top o’th’ Knotts (West) (p26)
Top o’th’ Knotts (West) (p26)
Top o’th’ Knotts (East) (p27)
Top o’th’ Knotts (East) (p27)
Hoyles Fold Farm (p28)
Hoyles Fold Farm (p28)
Old Neds (p31)
Old Neds (p31)
Enclosure Map: 1797 (p32)
OS map of Old Neds (p32)
Old Neds barn (p35)
Old Neds barn truss (p35)
Old Neds (p35)
Old Green cottages (p39)
William Horrocks (p41)
Elizabeth Horrocks (p41)
James Horrocks (p41)
Enclosure Awards (p43)
Beerhouse: c1900 (p44)
Tottington Rd: c1930 (p44)
Edge Nook: c1910 (p45)
Nook cottages: c1910 (p45)
Top o’th’ Brow (p46)
New Green (p46)
Riding Gate: c1910 (p47)
Riding gate: c1937 (p47)
Riding Gate cottages (p48)
Riding Gate Mission (p48)
Britannia Inn (p51)
Knowles Building (p51)
Hill Brow cottages (p51)
Tottington Rd plan: 1816 (p52)
Tottington Rd plan: 1890 (p53)
OS map: 1911 (p53)
Knotts (Top) loomhouse (p59)
Lower Knotts loomshop (p59)
77/79 Riding Gate (p60)
Loom shop windows (p60)

Surnames Included

Aferam, Aspinall, Aspindell, Astley, Ball, Barton, Berry, Bird, Boardman, Bolton, Booth, Bradshaw, Bradshaw-Isherwood, Brandwood, Bridge, Bromiley, Brookes, Brooks, Brownlowe, Bullough, Calderbank, Chadwick, Clough, Cole, Collier, Constantine, Cooper, Crompton, Cromwell, Crook, Croshaw, Daniels, Darrow, Davenport, Dearden, Dootson, Eddleston, Edward, Entwistle, Eskrick, Fairclough, Farnworth, Fielding, Fletcher, Folds, Gerrard, Green, Greenhalgh, Grime, Grundy, Haddock, Hall, Hamer, Hampson, Hardcastle, Hardman, Harrison, Haslam, Haworth, Heathcote, Heaton, Heyes, Higson, Hill, Holt, Hopwood, Horrocks, Hough, Howarth, Isherwood, Jackson, Jaques, Joule, Judson, Kershaw, Knowles, Leach, Lee, Lever, Lomas, Lomax, Lonsdale, Lowe, Manchester, Marsden, Merrills, Morris, Moseley, Nelson, Nuttall, Openshaw, Ormerod, Ormrod, Orrell, Parton, Pilling, Platt, Prescot, Ramsden, Ramwell, Rothwell, Scholes, Scowcroft, Seddon, Settle, Sharples, Shaw, Shuttleworth, Smethurst, Smith, Southworth, Spence, Stevenson, Street, Taylor, Thomasson, Tonge, Turner, Unsworth, Vickers, Walch, Walsh, Walton, Walworth, Warburton, Whittle, Wood, Woodward

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