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38. Egerton


The origins and development of the village of Egerton, examining the lives and business activities of some of its principal families.


Publication Number38
AuthorS J Tonge
Year Published2019
Number of Pages108
ISBN Number9781904974383
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1. Introduction
2. The Walmsleys
3. The Egertons
4. The Crosses
5. The Building of Egerton
6. The Ashworths
7. The Deakins
8. The Housing Estates
9. Photographs of Egerton


Bedford Row and The Globe
Dimple School, Cox Green Road
Advertisements for Egerton businesses in 1972
Advertisement for Ashworth’s Six Cord Cotton
Saxton's 1577 Map of Lancashire
1830 Map of north end of Egerton
Old Chapel House in 1965
Family tree of Walmsley of Turton
James Walmisley's signature 1636
Date stone at New Butterworth Farm “GW 1667”
Fields at north end of Egerton in 1965
Portrait of Sir Thomas Egerton
Portrait of Mary Egerton, Lady Stanley
Signature of Sir Thomas Egerton 1581
Signature of Peter Egerton of Shaw 1636
Signature of Ralph Egerton of Turton 1702
Egerton family tree
Egerton Barn Cottage in 2019
Map showing location of Egerton Barn Cottage
Turnpike map 1790s
Ordnance Survey map 1846
Coxscar Farm in 1965
Old Globe in 1965
Old Swan Cottages in 1960s
Dimple School
Procession past The Globe c1900
The Globe in the 1960s
Plan of John Nuttall's land in 1824
Friendly Society Cottages
Blackburn Road Cottages
Longworth Road Cottages
J.G. Bodmer commemorative stamp
Merry Cock Hall in the 1950s
1908 Map showing Merry Cock Hall
Merry Cock Hall
Bodmer's carding engine
Henry Ashworth
Edmund Ashworth
Illustration of Egerton Mill in 1883
Three generations of Ashworth men in 1848
Three generations of Ashworth women c1846/7
Edmund Ashworth & family at Egerton Hall c1846
Edmund Ashworth jun.
Rebecca Maria Ashworth
Egerton Mill waterwheel
Egerton Hall
Edmund Ashworth with gamekeepers c1890
Egerton Hall illustration
Egerton Hall map
Advertisement for Ashworth's Egerton Silk Finish
Ashworth trade marks
Smith Row cottages
Ashworth's plans for Egerton cottages 1839
Bedford Row cottages
Dye becks at Egerton Dye Works
Dewhurst House
Edward Carr Deakin
Entrance to Egerton Dye Works
Aerial view of Egerton Mill and Dye Works
Croft lads at Deakins Ltd in 1913
Egerton Congregational Church in 1972
Ladies at Egerton Congregational Sunday School c1885
Henry Taylor Deakin
Mary Grace Deakin
Egerton playing fields ceremonial key
Playing field inscription
Egerton Park care takers cottage
Design for wrought iron railings 1913
Ladies outside the park shelter 1950s
Children playing at Egerton Park in 1971
Aerial view of Egerton 1950s
Edward Deakin
Eliza Deakin
Royal Lancashire Agricultural Show 1920
Deakin newspaper headlines in 1905
Delph Reservoir Bolton Waterworks Committee
Sports teams outside Egerton Hall
Edward Deakin
Edward Deakin shield at Shire Hall
Edward Deakin with barristers
Deakin's guests at shoot at Lords Hall
Deakin with staff at Lords Hall
Egerton Mill
Egerton Hall demolition in 1956
James Horrocks Estates letterhead
Dunscar Fold
Dimple Hall in 1972
Howarth Fold Farm in 1989
Dunscar House
Higher Dunscar House
Entrance to Higher Dunscar
Egerton House in 1980s
Egerton House Gatehouse
1835 date stone on barn at Egerton House
Egerton Co-op at Dewhurst House
Officials at Egerton Co-op c1890
Egerton Co-op
The Three Es
The King’s visit to Egerton
Bedford Street precinct
Blackburn Road cottages
Egerton Vale
The King William
The Cross Guns
The Masons Arms
The Egerton Arms
The Church Inn
The One Horse Shoe Inn
Longworth Road
Date stone on cottages nr. The Globe
Blackburn Road cottages
Egerton Conservative Club
Map showing Conservative Club
Christ Church Walmsley
Entrance to Christ Church Walmsley
Edward VII coronation celebrations
Walmsley National School
Walmsley School class in 1921
Stanrose Terrace on Blackburn Road
Egerton Congregational Church illustration
Egerton Methodist Chapel
Walmsley Unitarian Chapel
Dunscar War Memorial
Cox Green Farm
Victoria Farm in 1965
Dimple Row in 1960s
Map showing Dimple Row

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Anderson, Appleton, Armstrong, Ashworth, Asshawe, Assheton, Balshaw, Bannester, Barlow, Barnes, Barry, Bentley, Berry, Beswick, Blundell, Bodmer, Bolton, Booth, Boyson, Bradshaw, Bramwell, Brandwood, Brewis, Bridge, Briggs, Bright, Briscoe, Bromiley, Bromily, Brownlow, Bury, Caterall, Chadderton, Chetham, Christie, Clegg, Cobden, Collier, Cooper, Cowell, Cristy, Croft, Cromwell, Crook, Crosse, Dalton, Darbyshire, Dauson, Davies, Deakin, Dealey, Dearden, Dewhurst, Dunkerley, Edge, Egerton, Entwisle, Fairbairn, Farnworth, Fielden, Fielding, Fish, Flitcroft, Fogg, Folds, Forest, Garnett, Gass, Gill, Gillam, Gledhill, Green, Greene, Greg, Grundy, Hadden, Hall, Halton, Hamer, Hampson, Hardman, Hargreaves, Harrington, Harrison, Harworth, Haslam, Haworth, Helme, Hemer, Hoare, Hobkinson, Hodgson, Hoghton, Holcroft, Holden, Holland, Holme, Holt, Horrocks, Horwich, Howarth, Hulme, Hulton, Ingham, Isherwood, James, Jenkins, Kay, Kenyon, Kershaw, Knowles, Lathom, Lawson, Lillie, Litherland, Lomax, Longworth, Marsh, Martland, Mason, Mather, Mayoh, Name, Newbould, North, Novelli, Nuttall, Ogden, Ormeroyd, Ormrod, Orrell, Pikington, Pilkington, Pilling, Preston, Probert, Ratcliff, Ratcliffe, Rawlins, Richardson, Ridgway, Robinson, Roscoe, Rothwell, Sharpe, Shorrock, Shorrocks, Slater, Smith, Spencer, Stanley, Starkie, Stevens, Stones, Stott, Talbot, Taylor, Thomason, Waddicor, Walch, Walkden, Walmsley, Walmesley, Walmisley, Walmersley, Warburton, Warbutton, Warde, Waters, Welsh, Whitaker, Wilkinson, Wilson, Wood, Woodyer, Worsley, Worthington

Egerton, Walmsley, Deakin, Ashworth, Horrocks, Crosse
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