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35. The Bradshaw Estate 1542 - 1919


This booklet explores the history of the Manor of Bradshaw, a rural area in south-east Turton.  The story takes us from the times of the Manor House and its Lords through to the Industrial Revolution with textile bleaching, coal mining and quarrying.  Also covered are details of the water powered cornmill and twenty or so farms spread over the upper reaches of the township.  The book is well illustrated with about eighty photographs and maps.


Publication Number35
TitleThe Bradshaw Estate 1542 - 1919
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published2012
Number of Pages104
ISBN Number9781904974352
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Turton Local History Society #35 - The Bradshaw Estate 1542 - 1919


1. The Bradshaw Families
2. Estate Leases, Rents, Tithes and Boons
3. Mineral Rights
4. Bradshaw Hall and Demesne
5. The Corn Mill
6. Tenements at Bradshaw Chapel
7. Bridge End
8. Rigbys
9. Meadow Barn
10. Brookbottom
11. Cromptons
12. Hollins
13. Higher Barn
14. Harry Fold
15. Arthurs
16. Brown Barn
17. Waterfold
18. Walsh Fold
19. Birches
20. Toye
21. Bradshaw Head
22. Eccles Wives
23. Baxters
24. Butchers
25. Lower Nuttalls
26. Higher Nuttalls
27. Baxter Fields & Bradshaw Fields
28. Old Neds
29. Properties in Tottington

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Altcroft, Appleton, Ashton, Ashurst, Atherton, Bancroft, Barcroft, Barton, Baxter, Belasyse, Bellairs, Berks, Bernard, Bradshaw, Bridge, Bromley, Brooks, Buckley, Butterworth, Calderbank, Chantler, Chetham, Cort, Duxbury, Eccles, Entwistle, Fairclough, Farnworth, Greenhalgh, Hamer, Hardcastle, Hardman, Hartley, Haslam, Haworth, Heywood, Hickson, Hilton, Holding, Holt, Horrocks, Isherwood, Jackson, Jenkinson, Johnson, Kay, Kenyon, Kershaw, Knowles, Leach, Legh, Leicester, Lever, Lindsay, Lomax, Lowe, Makinson, Merrills, Morris, Nightingale, Nuttall, Ormerod, Orrell, Parker, Partington, Paton, Pendlebury, Pilkington, Pilling, Pimlott, Platt, Radcliffe, Ramsbottom, Ramsden, Ramwell, Rawsthorne, Rigby, Riley, Rothwell, Rushton, Ryle, Salisbury, Scholes, Scowcroft, Settle, Sharples, Shaw, Shipperbottom, Slater, Smith, Stanley, Starkie, Street, Tale, Tebay, Thomasson, Thornley, Thwaites, Thweat, Tong, Townley, Walker, Wallworth, Walsh, Warburton, Welch, White, Whitley, Willis, Wood, Wright, Wrigley

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