Thursday 4 April 2024

The Gardener’s Bothy at Turton Tower

The following article by Phil Broughton appeared in our newsletter number 105 in April 2024, relating to work undertaken by the Turton Tower Kitchen Garden Volunteers group.

Ever since 2009 when we began the clearance of bracken, brambles and self-seeded trees in the garden, the Bothy has stood prominently yet forlornly over-looking the Victorian Kitchen Garden at Turton Tower. It was already a roofless ruin with dangerously unstable sections of wall with huge stones poised to drop on the unwary. For public safety, it had been fenced off within the garden and on the side facing the Tower.

The Bothy following recent conservation work

Wednesday 27 March 2024

Where was Birchwood in Turton?

The following article is reproduced from our newsletter number 104, contributed by Stephen Tonge

Finding Birchwood 

Farrer’s ‘A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5’, published in 1911, says that the estate of Birchwood in Turton ‘gave a name to its ancient owners’.  There is no such modern day place name, so I wondered – where was Birchwood?

View of Horridge Fold Barn looking west from Turton Heights
View of Horridge Fold Barn
looking west from Turton Heights, 2017