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19. Bradshaw Chapel II


The development of the area around Bradshaw Chapel over the last 300 years and church activities from 1914 to the present.


Publication Number19
TitleBradshaw Chapel II
AuthorJ J Francis
Year Published1998
Number of Pages68
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Turton Local History Society #19 - Bradshaw Chapel II


1. Bradshaw Chapel Area 1700-1800
2. The Industrial Revolution at Bradshaw Chapel
3. Bradshaw Chapel Area 1800-1900
4. Early Twentieth Century Bradshaw
5. Post War Bradshaw
6. Towards the Millenium


A. Bradshaw men killed in World war I and II
B. Parish Organisations and Officials / Leaders
C. The Mothers' Union - A History
D. Bibliography


1. Bradshaw Chapel Junction c1953
2. Early development of Bradshaw Chapel 1780 & 1802
3. Lee Gate and Bridge End Bleachworks c1810
4. Bradshaw Chapel Developments 1831 and 1840
5. Plan of the Crofters Arms and Scowcroft Court
6. Notices of the Bradshaw and Turton Horticultural Society and the opening of  Private School at Bradshaw Chapel
7. Local Soldier's letter from France 1918. Church Tower
8. Consecration of 1914-18 War Memorial 1922
9. Bradshaw Bridge, Police Station and Temperance Bar
10. Bradshaw Conservative Club and the Smithy
11. Church Officers and Choir 1935
12. Men's Institute Billiards Teams c1936 and 1946
13. Lakeside Villas
14. Last Church procession to Bradshaw Hall 1948
15. St Maxentius Church, Bradshaw
16. Bradshaw Works, Back Bradshaw Road and Old School
17. Bradshaw Chapel Junction 1968 - 1972
18. Bradshaw School Classes 1932 - 1996
19. Rev D M Dunn and Curates
20. Adverts from Parish Magazine 1922 - 1930
21. Bradshaw Chapels 1950 - 1982

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Aincow, Ainsworth, Allan, Allen, Andrews, Arley, Ashcroft, Ashton, Ashworth, Astley, Atkinson, Bailey, Baines, Ball, Barker, Barlow, Beg, Birch, Bird, Blair, Blayney, Bleakley, Blunt, Bluntt, Bolton, Bonner, Booth, Bowker, Boxley, Bradshaw, Bradshaw-Clarke, Bridge, Briggs, Broadstock, Brockbank, Bromiley, Bromley, Brooks, Brown, Burton, Butterworth, Buxton, Cairns, Chadwick, Chadwry, Chetham, Childs, Christian, Clark, Clemmett, Clough, Cole, Collier, Cooke, Cooper, Coopers, Cordner, Council, Coward, Cowsill, Craig, Crompton, Cross, Crossley, Cuerden, Cunliffe, Dainteth, Dalton, Daniels, Dart, Dawson, Deacon, Deakin, Dean, Deane, Derbyshire, Dewhurst, Dunbar, Dunkerley, Dunn, Durrant, Duxbury, Edgell, Edwards, Ellis, Entwistle, Faunch, Field, Fielding, Fields, Fish, Fletcher, Foster, Francis, Gaherty, Galindo, Galloway, Gardener, Gass, Gerrard, Gillibrand, Gizzi, Glaister, Gleave, Gobin, Greaves, Green, Greenhalgh, Greenwood, Grime, Haddock, Haley, Hall, Hambleton, Hamer, Hampson, Hardcastle, Hardman, Hargreaves, Harrison, Harrop, Haslam, Hawksworth, Haworth, Heaton, Henigan, Hesketh, Hilton, Hindle, Hirst, Ho, Hobson, Holt, Hope, Hopwood, Hornby, Horrocks, Horseman, Houghton, Howard, Howarth, Howcroft, Howe, Hughes, Hulme, Hunt, Ingham, Isherwood, Jackson, Jaguaz, Janacki, Johnson, Jolley, Jones, Judson, Kay, Kennery, Ketchen, Kilburn, Kilner, Kinnersley, Kirkman, Kitchen, Knowles, Leather, Lee, Lomax, Longworth, Lowe, Maloney, Mansfield, Marsden, Marsh, Martin, Mawdesley, Mayfield, McGhee, McKendrey, Mellody, Moore, Moorhouse, Morgan, Morris, Mould, Musgrave, Nally, Noble, Norris, Nuttall, Oddie, Ormerod, Ormrod, Parker, Pickles, Pilling, Pilton, Platt, Pollit, Pomfret, Porter, Price, Raistrick, Ramsden, Ramsey, Ramwell, Relph, Renshaw, Rigby, Riley, Robinson, Roby, Rostron, Rowbottom, Rowland, Rushton, Russell, Sandiman, Saunders, Savage, Schofield, Scholes, Scowcroft, Seddon, Shaw, Shelmerdine, Shipsides, Shuttleworth, Singleton, Slater, Smethurst, Smith, Sofield, Southern, Southworth, Spencer, Standish, Stanley, Stansfield, Stephenson, Street, Stubbs, Sumner, Taylor, Thompson, Threadgold, Threlfall, Thweat, Tierney, Tonge, Toothill, Uden, Unsworth, Vickers, Waddington, Waldron, Walker, Walling, Walsh, Ward, Waring, Whalley, Whittle, Whowell, Wild, Wilkins, Wilkinson, Winter, Wolstenholme, Wood, Woolnough, Yates

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