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16. Eagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream


The industrial history of the valley of the Eagley Brook and its effects on the villages of Belmont, Egerton, Eagley and Bank Top.


Publication Number16
TitleEagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream
AuthorHelen Heyes
Year Published1997
Number of Pages54
ISBN Number9781904974161
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Turton Local History Society #16 - Eagley Brook: A Lancashire Stream


1. Location
2. Belmont Reservoir
3. Early Days of Belmont
4. Rycroft Mill
5. Belmont Print Works
6. Springside Paper Mill
7. Longworth Clough and Longworth Mill
8. Turton Moor Branch
9. Delph Reservoir
10. Egerton Mill
11. Dunscar Bleachworks
12. Eagley Mills
13. Eagley Paper Mill and Foundry
14. New Eagley Mill


1. Sketch Plan of Eagley Valley
2. Plan of Industrial Premises
3. Plaque in the wall on Belmont road
4. Belmont Reservoir in 1982
5. Bolton Sailing Club
6. The Overflow Cascade
7. Rycroft Properties in Belmont 1809
8. The Blue Lagoon 1993
9. Rycroft House Belmont
10. Map of Belmont 1850
11. Belmont, Rycroft Mill
12. Advertisement for Belmont Bleaching & Dyeing Co
13. Ornamental Reservoir
14. Ornamental Cottages, Egerton Road, Belmont
15. Map of Charles Turner's springside Paper Works
16. Springside Paper Mill from Longworth Road
17. Longworth Clough in Winter
18. Longworth Brook with storm debris
19. Longworth Mill
20. Map of Longworth Mill area
21. Plan of Reservoirs intended to be built
22. Weir on Stones Bank Brook
23. Widow's Bridge
24. Delph Reservoir
25. Walmsley Unitarian Chapel
26. Sketch of the Water Wheel at Egerton Mill
27. Egerton Mill from across the valley 1982
28. Egerton Mill
29. Christ Church Walmsley
30. Map of Dunscar 1850
31. Grass Bleaching at Dunscar
32. A Beetling Machine
33. Eagley Mill Lodges
34. Plan of Eagley Bridge about 1783
35. Hardman's Farm
36. Eagley Mills Park
37. Eagley School 1976
38. School Street, Eagley
39. Eagley Mills after fire
40. Repairs to Eagley Bridge 1963
41. Eagley Mills 1954
42. Eagley Co-operative Society 1920s
43. Eagley Vale Cottages 1942
44. Map of Eagley area 1850
45. Paper Mill Road 1976
46. Bleachworks Reservoirs
47. A Spinster
48. Handloom Weaver
49. Map of New Eagley Mill 1911
50. Drawing of New Eagley Mill 1833
51. Footbridge of Eagley Brook 1936
52. Hall i'th' Wood
53. Waters Meetings Bleachworks

Surnames Included

Ainsworth, Ashworth, Aspinall, Barlow, Berry, Best, Brandwood, Chadwick, Chetham, Coats, Cummings, Darbyshire, Dart, Davies, Deakin, Dewhurst, Egerton, Gray, Greene, Greenhalgh, Greg, Grimshaw, Halliwell, Hamer, Hardcastle, Haslam, Hick, Holme, Holt, Horrocks, Jones, Kenyon, Kerr, Kershaw, Knowles, Langshaw, Little, Livesey, Mather, McDonald, McLaughlan, Nicholson, Orrell, Parker, Parkinson, Perry, Philips, Robinson, Rothwell, Rycroft, Scott, Sedgwick, Slater, Slaters, Smith, Spencer, Taylor, Turner, Vickers, Wakefield, Walker, Warburton, Ward, Wesley, West, Wilkinson, Wright

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