Wednesday 1 November 2023

The Roman Fort at Wayoh Bridge

Upcoming Talk - April 2023

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church, Longsight
Thursday 23rd November 2023

AGM will be held prior to the presentation

Speaker: David Ratledge (over video link)

David Ratledge has been looking for Roman roads in Lancashire for the past 45 years. A former Civil Engineer working predominantly in the design and construction of Roads and Bridges for over 40 years.  At Lancashire County Council he also headed up the county's GIS unit developing the award winning online GIS, MARIO. Since his retirement he has been able to devote his time to tracking down lost Roman roads from Hadrian’s Wall to Essex.

Using Lidar data, he has found a road that stretches from Ribchester to Lancaster, a distance of more than ten miles.  He will also explore the probable 'new' Roman Fort at Wayoh Bridge in Edgworth.

Wayoh Bridge Lidar 3D
from The Roman Road from Manchester to Ribchester