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Turton Scholars in 1704

An account of the scholars taught by Charles Nuttall at Turton for which Samuel Chetham paid school wages in 1704.

Lancashire Archives - DDX1423 / Acc. No. 5536

An Account of the Schollars tought by Charles Nuttall at Torton for wch. Samll: Chetham Esq pays School wages gratis An: Dom: 1704

John Rhostorn
Ann Rhostorn

from May 10th till August 5th bring 12  1704
01s:06d each

Elizabeth Lowe
Alice Mangnowe
Martha Barlow
John Barlow

from May 10th 1704 till April 12th next ensuing 3 2hrs & 9 weeks

Ralph Holt

from April 23rd till Novembr: 9th (1705) 29 weeks

Alice Mangnow

from May 10th till December 13th (1705) 31 weeks

John Barlow

from Sepb. 17 till March 23 (1705) 27 weeks

[Total] £01:15s:06d

Tho: Meadowcroft rent [& Boons - crossed out] 01(l):13(s):00(d)
Recd for School wages in three years 03(l):03(s):00(d)
Recd of the Fourty shilling p(er) Ann. given gratis 05(l):00(s):00(d)