Tuesday 26 May 2020

1795 Edgworth - New Pound Rate

This document is part of the Edgworth & Quarlton Deeds from Turton Tower collection that we digitised last year.  The heading reads "A New Pound Rate for Edgworth comprehending the New Improvements by building within 20 years in a separate Column: and a Month Rate after one half penny & pound 1795".

The following properties are listed:-

Woodcock's part of Brandwood Living
Bury's part of Brandwood Living
Bury's for the New Engine House
Bury's part of Grub Street
Haworth's part of Grub Street
Crompton's House at Brandwood Fold
Bromiley's House at Brandwood Fold
Haworth's Houses near the Mill
Charter's House & other Premises in Edgworth
Haydock's part of Wayleach Living
Haydock's House at Engine
Thomason's Premises at Engine
Rostron's Land part of Wayleach Living
Rostron's Houses part of Wayleach Living
Melling's Houses at Windy Harbour
Haworth's Houses at Clough
Thomasson Fold part of Thomasson Living
Nobland part of Thomasson Living
Barlow's part of Thomasson Living
Fogg's part of Thomasson Living (Fall field Row)
Fogg's part of Isherwood Living
Hutchinson's part of Isherwood Living
Horrock's Living
Hutchinson's part of Knowl Living (with New Mill)
Kay's part of Knowls Living
Kay's part of Wheatshaw
Knowles part of Weatshaw or Croft Gate
Town's Close
Haworth's part of Longworth Living
Walmesley's part of Longworth Living
Knowles's part of Longworth Living
Ashworth's part of Nevell Living
Thomasson's part of Nevell Living
Harrison's part of Nevell Living
Orrell's part of Nevell Living
Pickering's part of Nevell Living
Haydock's part of Orrell Living
Orrell's part of Orrell Living (Close Nook & Lower House)
Orrell's part of Orrell Living (Nearer Pastures)
Orrell's part of Clough Head Living
Heywood's part of Clough Head Living
Bury's part of Anderton Living
Heywood's part of Anderton Living
Heywood's part of Aldred Living
Entwisle's part of Aldred Living
Scholes's part of Uglow Living
Scholes for his Engine Buildings
Joseph Entwisle's part of Uglow Living
Thos. Entwisle's part of Uglow Living
Rostron's part of Uglow Living
Wood's part of Uglow Living
Smith's part of Uglow Living

More information about the Edgworth properties and their occupants around this time can be found in TLHS's publication number 7, Enclosure of Edgworth Moor