Friday 17 April 2020

A Big Stone from Cox Green Quarry

Extract from the "Manchester Evening Chronicle," Saturday, June 27th 1903

A very large stone weighing 50 tons was safely conveyed yesterday from Messrs. E. E. Walsh's Cox Green stone quarry, Turton (where the stone has been quarried by a large number of their workmen), to Messrs. Blair and Sumner, Mill Hill Bleachworks, Bolton.  The arrangements were carried out without the slightest hitch, the haulage being performed by Messrs. Joseph Nall and Co., carting agents to the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway.

Cox Green Quarry, 1903

The load travelled through Bromley Cross, passing the Volunteer Inn, with Eli Walsh standing on the engine, and John James Walsh and William Walsh on the trailer (see photograph on p170 Turton 2000 publication).   Its destination was the bleachworks, where it was probably used as an engine bed.

Elizabeth E. Walsh & Sons
Cox Green Stone Quarries

Cox Green Quarry 1893 - OS Map 25 inch

Notes on the Steam Traction Engine

The "Devonshire" model, manufactured by Burrell approximately 1902, costing £342.  It was named after General Buller from the Crimea War.  The solid flywheel indicates that this particular engine was built for traction and rolling.  For agricultural use, e.g. threshing, the fly wheel would have spokes to assist in fixing the belt drive.   This machine can be converted to a roller by removing the smoke box and fitting another which has a saddle to accept the front roller.  There are three gears, either forward or reverse.  The tanks between the wheels and beneath the boiler are called "belly" tanks and were for carrying  additional water, but were unsuccessful as they tended to make the engine too heavy and loose traction going down hill.