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Turton Urban District - Maps

The Urban Distrct of Turton was formed on 8th August 1872, as the Turton Local Board, and consisted of the whole of the Township of Turton,  This at that time comprised the hamlets of Eagley, Egerton, Chapeltown (alias Turton) and Bromley Cross.

The Turton Local Board remained in existence until 30th September 1898, when the name of the local board was changed to Turton Urban Distrct Council.  By the provisions of the Bolton, Turton, and Westhoughton Extension Act, 1898, the Bolton Rural District Council was dissolved, and its district was transferred to the Borough of Bolton, and the Urban Districts of Turton and Westhoughton, the portion being added to Turton being Belmont, Bradshaw, Edgworth, Entwistle, Harwood, Longworth and Quarlton.

The Act also abolished the Townships of Bradshaw, Harwood, Longworth and Quarlton; Bradshaw, Harwood and Longworth being added to the Township of Turton; Entwisle and Quarlton to the Township of Edgworth.

By an Order of the Lancashire County Council dated 7th October 1924, the Townships of Belmont, Edgworth and Turton were united, and now form the parish of Turton.

Turton Urban District
(from Turton Official Guide, 1957)

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The map below is taken from Reginald Dart's 1949 "A Town Plan for the Urban District of Turton", and shows the proposed development and green belt areas.

Turton Urban District - Suggested Green Belt 1946

The next plan shows Bolton Union in 1911, showing Edgworth, Belmont and Turton townships (including Turton's constituent wards: Egerton Chapeltown & Longworth, Bromley Cross & Eagley and Bradshaw).

Bolton Union - Township, Parish and Wards 1911

The map below is also of Bolton, this time from 1929.  It shows residential, industrial and business zones, existing and proposed public open spaces, as well as existing and new roads.

Bolton and District Town Planning Scheme (1929)
Bolton and District Town Planning Scheme (1929)
The Book of Bolton (Hamer / Sparke)