Monday 4 June 2018

Turton & Entwistle Reservoir - Pay Book 1838 - 1839

Workmen employed on the building of Turton & Entwistle Reservoir in 1838 and 1839 (Bolton Archives Ref: UWT/10).  The original documents include the date and amount paid.  Photographs of the original documents have been uploaded to Google Photos by Peter Haslam.

List of names as follows:-

Eccles Almond
Miles Almond
Samuel Almond
James Aspden
George Briggs
James Briggs
John Briggs
Richard Briggs
Thomas Briggs
John Bury
James Crowder
John Davenport
Joseph Davenport
Thomas Entwistle
James Gregory
Joseph Gregory
James Halton
Charles Haslam
James Haslam
Jonas Haslam
Jonathan Haslam
Nathaniel Haslam
Reuben Haslam
Richard Haslam
Samuel Haslam
Thomas Haslam
Andrew Haworth
George Haworth
James Haworth
John Haworth
Robert Haworth
Thomas Haworth
Peter Holden
Richard Holden
Robert Holden
Roger Holden
Thomas Holden
Robert Holding
Robert Horrocks
Andrew Howarth
James Hulton
Giles Isherwood
Andrew Kay
Anthony Kay
James Kay
John Kay
John Lomax
John Mader
Daniel Mayoh
David Mayoh
James Mayoh
John Mayoh
John Mellor
John Morris
Ralph Rostron
Richard Rostron
William Rothwell
James Schofield
Thomas Schofield
Joseph Slater
David Taylor
William Turner
James Waddicar
John Waddicar
James Waddington
John Waddington
John Wardenton
William Wood
George Yates
James Yates
Joseph Yates