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Turton District Date Stones Recorded in 1913

The following list of date stones in the Turton district was published in the Farnworth Chronicle on 18th January 1913.  The items highlighted in bold were not recorded in TLHS's survey of Turton date stones made in 1975.

B.P.M.. 1720 - over a disused door, Kershaw's Bradshaw Road.

B.I.M.. 1658 - Walsh Fold. Bradshaw. 

H.C.. 1746 - Chetham Arms, Chapeltown Turton.

1756. - Orrell Fold, Turton.

T.A.. 1729 - Inside the porch of Mary Holt's Farm, Over Houses, Turton-Fogg's Farm. [This inscription is actually a triangular arrangement with the initials F over T. A.]

JL, 1748 - Nab Farm, Turton.

Tarkinton's. C. M. and A. E. Hoare, 1812, Rebuilt-Turton.

A.S.C.. 1835 - Over barn door. Ramwell Fold,

1690 (Coat of Arms follows) I.H.-Holt's Farm, top of Turton.

S.C. (Coat of Arms) 1714 - Old Parsonage, Over Houses.

1806 and 1825 - Over stable door and barn at Vale House, Turton..

1869 - Spring Terrace, Wellington Road, Turton

H.I.M.. 1706 - Over a shippon door. [Dunscar Fold]

John Holt, 1666 - This was on "Three Lowes," Turton: the farm is pulled down.

B.J.M., 1742. - Old James Mathers, behind Entwistle Station [New Hall Entwistle]

B.J. and A., 1788. - On a barn. [New Hall Entwistle]

1694 - Horrocks Fold, Edgworth.

B.R.M.. 176?. - Over a shippon door at Cote Farm, Edgworth.

T.I.E.. 1729. - Isherwood Fold, Edgworth. [Recorded as 1709 in TLHS survey]

C.I., 1718. - Isherwood Fold.

J.M.B., 1816 - Pleasant View.  [Recorded as JTB in TLHS survey]

W.N.M. 1694. - Inside and outside of the porch at Green Elders.

J.D., 1829. - Over the barn, Green Elders. 

I.B., 1749. - On the barn at Long Shoot.

T.E., 1647, L. H. - This inscription was at Clough Head, which is pulled down; now at Long Shoot farm.

E.J., Sarah, 1815. - On the barn at Martin's farm. [Recorded as 1813 in the TLHS survey]

1797. - Wheat Sheaf House; now the Children's Home.

1798. - Wheat Sheaf Barn.

1758. - Over the porch at Walleach Fold.

A.B.-W.. 1807. - At 20, Blackburn Road, Edgworth. 

T.T.-M., 1669. - Over fireplace, No. 7. Thomasson Fold.

T.T.-M.. 1690. - Over shippon door at Hob Lane farm. T.T. is presumably Thomas Thomasson, formerly well-known resident.

Anno Domini 1729. - On the end of the old Hare and Hounds, at Hob Lane, leading on to Blackburn.

T.K.I.B.M., 1627 - Lower Fold, Quarlton

A.H.-E..1743. - Over shippon door, Wickinlow, Quarlton.

B.P.M., 1720. -Taylor Holden's, Bradshaw Road.

B.I.M., 1658. -  Walsh Fold, Bradshaw, over fireplace.