Friday 25 August 2023

Photographs of Bradshaw Hall - Early 1900s

These photographs are from a series taken by the Bleachers' Association in the early 1900s and mounted in album form as a memento of Bradshaw Hall before its demolition in 1949.

The oldest portion of Bradshaw Hall no longer exists.  It is felt that some pictorial record of a house so long and intimately associated with our business should be preserved for the interest of those who will succeed us.

The following photographs, therefore, have been selected and reproduced from a series obtained some thirty of forty years ago, and are intended to convey the most important features of the house.

Plate 1 - Bradshaw Hall and grounds.  South front.

Plate 2 - East front dating from the early 17th century.

Plate 3 - The old north wing showing a portion of the modern north-west wing
added by the late Thomas Hardcastle in 1880.
The old wing with its parapet indicated the original height of the house

Plate 4 - The late Col. H. M. Hardcastle, J.P., D.L.,

Plate 5 - Entrance Hall

Plate 6 - Stone Hall.
This apartment was situate in the old north wing,
and contained several fine examples of 17th century furniture and armour.
Upon the demolition of the building, a huge arched fireplace
13-ft. by 3-in. wide and 6-ft. by 6-in. high was revealed
at the back of the chimney piece shown in the picture

Plate 7 - Stone Hall.
The finely carved court cupboard was reputed to have been
one of the original pieces of furniture at the house.
(Now at Turton Tower Museum.)

Plate 8 - Study.
Two 17th century quarries of stained glass 
bearing the arms and crests of Bradshaw were emblazoned
in the windows of this room.
(Now at Turton Tower Museum)

Plate 9 - Drawing Room.
This apartment situate in the south wing contained several examples
of fine marquetry together with pictures by Jan Van Os, Jan Van Huysum,
John David de Heem and others.

Plate 10 - Dining Room
Originally the kitchen of the house.
The oak wainscoting in this room was formerly at Blaston Hall,
the Leicestershire seat of the late Thomas Hardcastle, 1836-1902.

Plate 11 - Principal stair and landing.

Plate 12 - Ante-room
Portrait in oils of the late Mrs. Thomas Hardcastle (nee Purdon).
The young girl in the picture is Edith Roberta, her youngest daughter,
afterwards Mrs. C. W. B. Fernie of Keythorpe Hall, Leicestershire

Plate 13 - Ante-room

Plate 14 - The Bradshaw Bed
One of the original pieces of furniture at the house.
This is dated 1542, and bears the arms and initials of
Thomas & Mary Bradshaw.
(Now at Turton Tower Museum)

Plate 15 - Crib Room.
Bed dated 1667
(Now at Turton Tower Museum)