Thursday 27 July 2023

Photographs of Bradshaw Bleachworks

Bradshaw Works was a large bleachworks in Bradshaw, built in the grounds of Bradshaw Hall.  In 1834, the Bradshaw family sold 60 acres of land to Thomas Hardcastle for his bleaching and dyeworks operation.  Production at the works continued right up until 1963.

When the TLHS publication 'Bradshaw Works' was released in 1979, some of the stone buildings had been demolished and others were in ruins.  The remaining buildings had been sub-divided for use by small local businesses.  In the 1990s, the site was redeveloped as a residential estate and is now Bradshaw Hall Drive and the attached roads.

The black and white photographs of the Bradshaw Works below are from the TLHS archives, and were taken in the mid 1980s.

#1 - Stenter Building 1990s

#2 - Bradshaw Works

#3 - Bradshaw Works

#4 - Stenter Building Datestone 'JH 1871'

#5 - Stenter Building

#6 - Bradshaw Works

#7 - Smithy

#8 - Bradshaw Works

#9 - Bradshaw Works entrance and old stables 1985

#10 - Grey Room (centre left) and Stenter Shop (right)