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Harwood Commons Enclosure Awards - 1801

The following is an extract from The Enclosure of Harwood Commons 1797-1801 by J. J. Francis.

Chapter V. The Allotment Apportionment

The Award allocations were detailed on the Plan and by reference to the contemporary Land Tax Assessment records we can define the property, ownership of which qualified for an allotment, and the relevant tenants of those properties. We must bear in mind, however, that properties in those days were likely to be split into smaller cottages within the same building and that separate fields were also owned in isolation.

#FreeholderAward A.R.P.Qualifying PropertyTenant
1Earl of Derby12.1.20CrooksJohn/Peter Crook
2Earl of Derby2.1.11Eye Not ShoreRobt. Thomason
Bottom o'th' Lee
The NookRobert Hallen
3Le.G.P.Starkie Esq1.2.34Walk MillJohn Roscow
4Governors of Brazennose College32.1.27OxhurstJohn Roscow
Aspmah Barn John Mangnall
Bottom o'th'Lee Robert Bolton
Goodwins Fold Joseph Hamer
Nab Gate James Bolton
Pitfield Robert Bolton
Heatons John Scholes
Brookfold William Greenhalgh
IsherwoodsJohn Haslam
AsmusJohn Kinder
5Mathew Fletcher26.2.35HeightsJohn Roscow
Hey HeadAbram/James Warburton
6Thos.Jackson/John Steer8.2.16Hoyles FoldGeorge Ormerod
KnottsJames Kay
KnottsOliver Ormerod
7Henry Eskrick14.0.39OxhurstJohn Thweat
BrookfoldRobert Horridge
BrookfoldJames Entwistle
8Robert Haslam12.2.6KnottsRobert Haslam
9Robert Lomax11.2.17Lomax FoldRobt. Lomax
10John Kirkman5.9.27HeatonsJohn Kirkman
11Rev.James Hampson5.2.30CastleRev. James Hampson
12Governors of12.2.29School LandEllis Walch
Bolton SchoolCleggsJohn Bradshaw
13James Horrocks4.3.16Hill EndJames Horrocks
14Arthur Bromiley's Devisees4.2.2Lee GateJohn Thweat
15Joseph Bourne11.2.6Greenhalgh FoldPeter Marsh
16Rev. Robt. Dean's Devisees3.0.36Nabb GateWilliam Bridge
17Richd. Lomax Jnr.2.2.5Nabb GateJames Roscow
18Richd. Lomax Jnr.Nabb GateThomas Whittle
19John Heaton1.3.2Greenhalgh FoldThomas Greenhalgh
20Robert Tonge0.3.9Lomax FoldJohn Whittle
21Samuel Bromiley3.1.11PitfieldRobert Allen
22Mr. Davenport's Devisees7.2.8Davenport FoldJames Horridge
23James Ormerod2.1.11Hardy MillJohn Walch
25James Rothwell's Representatives0.1.27Goodwins FoldCharles Lee
26James Heywood10.1.4Little LeeJoseph Law
Goodwins FoldRobert Kaye
27Abigail Bromiley2.0.1White HorseRobert Haslam
Goodwins FoldRobert Chadwick
Goodwins FoldRalph Horridge
28Thomas Yates0.0.27
29Thomas Parker Esq.3.0.29DewhurstsThomas Durst.(?)
30Trustees of Cockey Meeting House12.1.6Eye Not ShoreJames Leach
AldersJames Nuttall
AldersAbram Taylor
31John Roscow0.0.26Little LeeJohn Roscow
32John Crook0.0.31Bottom o'th'LeeJames Vickers
33Mr. Masons' Devisees1.3.9BottomsEdward Thomason
34Edmund Heaton9.3.31LongworthsJames Lee
BottomsSamuel Horrocks
Hardy MillJohn Coop
35Daniel Wolstenholme7.2.26Lee YateJonathan Hardman
36Dyonisious Kirkman0.2.9
37John Pillings Mortgagee1.2.12Hardy MillJohn Pilling
38Curate of Little Lever Chapel6.0.18
39J. Artingstall and J. Lancashire10.0.13HillOliver Ormerod
40John Brooks1.2.33Side o'th'MoorWilliam Horrocks
41Thomas Haslam0.0.38Riding Gate
42Ralph Entwistle0.2.30Riding Gate
43James Entwistle0.1.31Riding GateJames Entwistle
44Nathaniel Entwistle1.0.4Riding Gate
45Oliver Ormerod0.1.35Side o'th'Moor
46Henry Isherwood Esq.1.0.10Riding GateJohn Knowles
47Michael Haworth1.0.28Side o'th Moor
48John Haslam's Devisees1.0.19Riding Gate
49Thomas Kaye's Assignee0.0.2Riding GateRichard Scowcroft
50William Nuttall0.1.17Old Pit
51John Walsh2.3.7Ruins
52Thomas Seddon's Assignees9.1.37Nabb FoldJames Dearden
Nabb FoldJames Roscow
Roads, Public and Private22.0.38
Quarry0.2.0Boason's Hill Highway/Riding Gate
Quarry0.2.0 Stone Pit Road, Brookfold