Wednesday 25 January 2023

Secret Bolton (Ray Jefferson)

Upcoming Talk - February 2023

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church
Thursday 23rd February 2023
Visitors £2.00

Speaker: Ray Jefferson

Who knew? If that is the reaction of people who read the book “Secret Bolton”, then the author’s task will have been worthwhile.

Most people appreciate that Bolton became a textile town in the Middle Ages, and during the Industrial Revolution grew to become one of the major cotton manufacturing centres of the world. Engineering, paper making, bleaching and dyeing soon followed. Consequently, a colourful history lies behind the face of today’s town. Much of it is well known, although other events are well worth investigation. Some of these lesser-known events feature in this lecture based on the book. 

What birth pangs accompanied the move towards local democracy after 1792? How did a Bolton aviator come to crash in someone’s back garden on his way to his sister-in-law’s wedding? Why did an American professor of geology come to make his mark and remain in Bolton for ever? Which Boltonian helped trigger the California gold rush of 1849? Why did 100,000 people converge on Farnworth in 1864?

With tales of remarkable characters, unusual events and surprising locations, this lecture will appeal to all those with an interest in our town’s history.

Secret Bolton by Ray Jefferson