Sunday 27 November 2022

Lost Farms of Turton - Handout & Links

Here are the website links discussed at the meeting last Thursday about the old farms in Turton.

Handout - 'Turton as it was in 1746'

Old Ordnance Survey Maps

The National Library of Scotland has scanned 260,000 maps of Scotland, England and Wales, which are available for free on their website - high-resolution and zoomable.

Link: Ordnance Survey Map Six-inch 1850 Turton Area

LiDAR Finder 

Airborne lidar (light detection and ranging) measures the height of the ground surface and other features in large areas of landscape with a very high resolution and accuracy.  It provides highly detailed and accurate models of the land and provides archaeologists with the capability to recognise and record otherwise hard to detect features.

Link: LiDAR Finder

Foot Path Maps

UK footpath, bridleway and byway maps can be found at FootPathMap.

Link: Foot Path Maps

Turton Manor Court Records

Published in a book by Sir Lees Knowles in 1909 (at the time the owner of Turton Tower), these records cover the period 1737 - 1850.  The book has been scanned by the Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center in Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA and made available for free online.   A fully searchable, downloadable copy can be found at

Link: Turton Manor Court Records 1737 - 1850

Lancashire On-line Parish Clerk

Baptism, marriage and burial records compiled and transcribed by volunteers and made available online for free.  Includes many local churches and chapels.

Link: Lancashire On-line Parish Clerk

List of 18th-Century Farms in Turton

Armsgroves, Batteridge, Birtenshaw, Bradleys, Brooks, Brownlows, Buffs, Butterworths, Ciss Hey, Clough, Cocks Carr, Cocks Green, Coopers, Cousins, Dewhursts, Dimple, Dunscar, Egerton's, Foggs, Great Oak, Greens, Greenwall, Hamers, Hardmans, Haydocks, Heightside, Higher Tenement, Holdens, Holts Fold, Horridges, Horrobin Mill, Isherwoods, Kenyons, Knowles’s, Little Oak, Lower House, Mather Fold, Meadowcrofts, Meadowhead, Nabb, Nearer & Further Branfield, Nicodean, Old Stewards, Orrell Fold, Orrell's, Overhouses, Parrs, Pilkingtons, Ramsdens, Rushtons, Shorrocks, Stanrose, Stones, Stones Bank, Tarkingtons, Taylors, Thomasons, Three Lows, Timberbottom, Top o’th’ Brow, Toppings, Tower Demesne, Walmsleys, Whewells, Whittles, Windy Harbour, Wood End and Yates

Field behind the wood
between the ruins of Shore farm and Buffs