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Subscribers to Raise Money for Turton Workhouse - 1801

The following extract from the Turton Vestry Book (Bolton Archives Ref: PTU/2) provides a useful list of Turton landowners, tenants and their properties in 1801.  More information about the workhouse can be found in TLHS publication number 34, Turton Workhouse.

Voluntary Subscribers for Turton Workhouse 1801
Voluntary Subscribers for Turton Workhouse 1801

Some observations respecting the mode of raising money for the said purpose [probable expense of the alterations and improvements at Goose Cote Hill]

As the aforesaid sum of £213 10s 6d appears rather a heavy debt to lay upon security of the Premises, if the Trustees have power so to do; may it not be worthy the consideration of this Meeting, whether a liberal Subscription among those interested in the Township in proportion to their several interests, be not eligible in the first place: and what falls short of the whole, be secured either by the Premises, or some other means.  In the above Subscription James Greene and Owners of Charterer's Land should form the first Class Subscribers; the owners of Leasehold for lives, according to the value of their several Leaseholds, and the number and ages of their Lives, should make up the second Class and common farmers for short Terms, according to the value of their several premises and the length of their Terms, should make up the third Class, perhaps some individuals in the third Class may be excused, on account of their poverty, or the difficulty of their circumstances: and some who can well afford may subscribe a little more than their proportionate share.

If such a Subscription be made: it may be perhaps be nearly as follows:

1st Class [Owners of Charterer's Land]

Jas. Greene Esqr. in Land, Timber and Money (£33.5.0)
[line] Richardson for the Oaks (£3.13.6)
Edmd. Haworth for Topings an his Long Lease premises off Dunscar with Higher Dunscar
[Document ripped] and Edmd. Ashworth for their [ripped] Lease premises off Topings (£0.15.0)
[Crease in document] Lease premises off Topings (£0.15.0)
Richd. Rothwell for Lower Dunscar (£4.4.0)
Le Gendre Starkey Esqr. (£2.12.6)
Elly Gladhill for Stanrows (£1.1.0)
Egerton Cross for Egerton's (£2.12.6)
Geo: Warburton for Stones (£0.15.0)
Jno. Nuttall for part of Dewhursts (£0.13.0)
Trustees of Dissenting Meeting Ho: (£0.10.6)
Owners of Delf premises (£0.5.0)
Jno. Lomax for his premises (£0.10.6)
Ellis Greehalgh (£0.2.6)
Amos Ogden for Unsworth's & the Parsonage premises (£1.7.0)
[SUB TOTAL] £60.0.0

Saml. Marsh for his Long Lease premises part of Topings (£0.15.0)
Sarah Tootell for premises at Old Chapel (£0.10.0)
[TOTAL] £61.5.0

2nd Class [Leasehold for Lives]

Jno. Ashworth for his Life Lease (£3.13.6)
Owners of Lower House (£0.10.4?)
James Knowles of Ouzelnest (£0.7.6)
John Jas and Geo Holt for Holts (£1.1.0)
Saml Knowles for Haydocks (£1.1.0)
Isaac Orrell for Orrell Fold (£3.3.0)
Owners of Warburtons (£?.10.0)
Owners of Isherwoods & Andrews (£?.?.?)
Owners of Whitles (£1.1.0)
Owners of Green's (£0.10.6)
Jno Knowles for his Life Lease (£0.10.6?)
Jno Mayoh of Halliwell (£0.7.6?)
Law: Haworth for Heightside (£0.7.6?)
Jas. Lomax for Tarkinton's & Nabb (£2.12.6?)
Jno Hamer for his Life Lease (£1.1.0)
[SUB TOTAL] £18.0.0

3rd Class [Common Farmers & Short Term Leases]

Sarah Hall for a Tower Demesne (£5.5.0)
Thos. Ainsworth for Horrobin Mill and his improvement in Tower Land (£1.5.0)
Peter Ormerod farmer of Wood end (£1.1.0)
Occupiers of Holts (£1.1.0)
Saml. Knowles as occupier of both farms (£1.11.6?)
Jas. Knowles as occupier of Ouzelnest (£0.5.6?)
Jno. Wood as farmer of Windy Harbour (£0.18.0)
Wm. Green as farmer of Lower House (£1.0.0)
Widow Ormerod farmer of Cousins (£1.0.0)
Thos. Smith as farmer of Timberbottom (£1.10.0)
Jno. Brook farmer of Little Oak (£0.5.6?)
Jno. Smith as farmer of Great Oak (£1.1.0)
Jno. Ashworth as occupier of part of his leasehold premises (£1.1.0)
Edwd. Best as occupier of his premises (£0.7.0)
Jno. Haslam as farmer of pt. of Bertenshaw (£1.4.0)
Edmd. Haworth for occupier of Topings (£0.18.0)
Jno. Hardman farmer at Hardman's (£1.1.0)
Isaac Orrell and Brother's with the undertenants at Orrell Fold (£1.10.0)
Occupiers of Lower Dunscar (£2.12.6)
Jno. Crook as farmer of Mather Hold (£1.1.0)
Jas. Hamer as farmer of Higher Dunscar (£0.15.0)
Jno. Walsh as farmer of Stanrowes (£0.10.0)
Jno. Nuttall as farmer of Egerton's (£1.5.0)
Jno. Nuttall as occupier of part of Dewhursts (£0.18.0)
Jno. Dewhurst as occupier of part of Dewhursts (£0.5.0)
Geo: Warburton as occupier of Stones (£0.7.6)
Jno. Mason as occupier of Butterworth's and for his Cottages near Dewhurst's (£1.1.0)
Jno. Crook as farmer of Cock's Carr (£0.10.6)
Jno. Horrocks for his premises and Land (£0.15.0)
Richd. Thomasson farmer of Thomassons (£1.1.0)
Jas. Warburton as farmer at Warburton's (£0.17.0)
Jas. Kay as farmer at Buff's (£0.10.6)
Jno. Kay as farmer of part of Isherwood's and premises at Dimple (£0.15.0)
Haslam & Kershaw occupiers of Delf (£0.5.0)
Richd. Kay as occupier of Whittles (£0.18.0)
Chris: Horrocks as farmer of Orrells and part of Isherwoods (£1.10.0)
Jeremiah Marsh farmer of pt. of Parrs (£0.10.6)
Giles Marsh farmer of pt. of Parrs (£0.10.6)
Ann & Wm. Ward occupiers of Stones Bank (£0.7.6)
[document damaged - probably Robert Mason] Moss Side (£?.?.?)
Jno Horrocks for premises at Old Chapel (£0.2.6)
Benjn. Helm farmer of higher Moss side (£0.7.?)
Peter Crook farmer of two farms (£1.1.?)
Jas. Marsh farmer of Greens (£0.5.?)
Edmd. Bury farmer of Clough (£0.5.?)
Jno. Knowles farmer of Knowles (£0.10.?)
Jas. Kay farmer of Branfield (£0.10.?)
Jno. Kershaw for both farms (£1.5.?)
Jno. Mayoh farmer of Top o'th Brow (£0.12.?)
Margt. Ramwell (£0.5.?)
Richd. Pilkington farmer of Height (£0.7.?)
Jno. Hamer farmer of Tarkinton's (£0.15.?)
Jno. Butcher farmer of Little Moor (£0.7.?)
Wm. Haworth farmer of Batteridge (£1.2.?)
Jas. Lomax occupier of Nabb (£0.18.?)
Robt. Brook farmer of Stewards (£0.?.?)
Jno. Lomax occupier of his land (£0.7.?)
Thos. Isherwood farmer of Unsworths (£0.1?.?)
Amos Ogden farmer of Orrells and the Parsonage Land (£?.?.?)
Henry Green farmer of Foggs (£0.10.?)
W. Knowles for pt. of Nicodean (£?.5.?)
Margt. Entwisle farmer of Brooks (£1.0.?)
School Master for his premises (£?.?.?)
W. Wood for all his premises as farmer (£1.?.?)
[document damaged] in Turton (£?.?.?)
Jas. Brandwood for Corn Mill (£0.10.?)

[SUB TOTAL] £57.7.6

TOTAL £137.12.6