Monday 19 June 2023

Cheetham Close Stone Circle (Tony Greenwood)

Upcoming Walk - June 2023

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church, Longsight
Thursday 22nd June 2023

Guide: Tony Greenwood

You could be forgiven for walking right past Turton's stone circle and not even noticing that it was there.  The stones are now barely visible above the tufts of moorland grass.  The ruinous condition of this circle are said to be the result of a local farmer taking a sledgehammer to the stones around 1871.   It was said to be in a good condition until that point.

We will attempt to discern the shape of the circle and, if we are lucky, the location of the 10 stones identified in earlier surveys.

Details of meeting place and time have been sent to members by email.

The walk will be over open moorland, so it's important that adequate walking gear and boots are worn.

Stone Circle on Cheetham Close, Winter Hill behind
Photo credit: Tony Greenwood