Sunday 1 August 2021

The Site of the Bromley Cross

Upcoming Talk - September 2021

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Community Hall, Longsight
Wednesday 22nd September 2021

Speaker: Stephen Tonge

AGM, followed by an examination of the evidence for where the Bromley Cross may once have stood, looking at a number of clues left in Bob Walch's research notes.

1830 map showing Birtenshaw and Bromley Cross
Section of map of the manor of Turton (1830).
Before railway line was built.
Bromley Cross labelled at the junction of
what is now Shady Lane and Turton Road.

Notes from meeting:-

For reference, these were the main source documents presented:-

  • 1752 Turton manor court records (page 31)
  • 1793 to 1807 James Brandwood Account Book (map)
  • 1797 James Brandwood's map of Turton and surrounding area (BA ZAL1342)
  • 1830 Plan of the Manor of Turton (TNA MR1/1057)
  • 1831 Plan of land in in Turton belonging to Miss Anna Sophia Greene (LA DDX84)
  • 1848 Plan of land in Turton property of Henry James Hoare (BA ZSH/23/7)
  • c1850 Plan of land in Turton property of George Matthew Hoare, copied 1865 (BA ZSH/23/5)
  • 1850 OS Map (Surveyed 1844 – 1847.  Published 1850)