Friday 4 March 2022

Railways and Railwaymen of Turton

Upcoming Talk - March 2022

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church
Thursday 24th March 2022
Visitors £2.00

Speaker: Paul Salveson

Paul's talk is based on his own experience as a boy who spent time photographing steam trains going 'up the bank' through Bromley Cross, Entwistle and to the summit of the line at Walton's Siding, just before the line descends through Sough Tunnel to Spring Vale and Darwen. Paul got to know many of the railwaymen who worked on the line, particularly signalmen at Bromley Cross, Entwistle and Walton's Siding. He also befriended many of the footplatemen who worked over the route, including drivers of the celebrated 'Colne Papers' which sped through Turton in the early hours of the morning taking newspapers from the Manchester presses to East Lancashire. In his twenties, Paul worked as a signalman on the line himself, as well as a stint as a guard working trains from Manchester to Blackburn and Hellifield.

Paul Salveson