Thursday 27 October 2022

Lost Farms of Turton

Upcoming Talk - November 2022

7.30pm at Harwood Methodist Church
Thursday 24th November 2022

AGM will be held prior to the presentation

Speaker: Stephen Tonge

Anyone walking on the moorland around Turton will have noticed the remains of the old farms dotted around the hills, many of them now reduced to piles of stones.  There were once sixty or so of these small farms in the area, ranging between ten and thirty-five acres in extent, leased to tenant farmers by the lord of the manor of Turton.  Some of them were occupied by the same families for many generations.

A number of the farms fell into decay and disuse over the years.  Others were abandoned after the land was acquired for the creation of the reservoirs nearby.  Some of the buildings have left no trace whatsoever while others still exist and are in use to this day.

Steve will show photographs of some of the ruins of these old farm buildings, and will delve into the archive records, which tell us something of the tenant farmers who once lived there.

The Ruins of Cooper's Tenement at Grindle End