Thursday 25 November 2021

Local Heritage Listing Project

Greater Manchester Archaeological Advisory Service has recently contacted us to draw our attention to the Bolton Local Heritage Listing Project, which recently went live and will be running for the next couple of months.

The project is supported by Bolton Council and aims to encourage as many residents of the district as possible to ‘have their say’ on what historic buildings or structures they think are special to the local area and would like to see them afforded some protection. Anyone is welcome to nominate a building or structure for inclusion on Bolton Council’s Local List.

A freely accessible web-based platform has just been launched that is enabling anyone to nominate heritage assets in their area. The platform is easy to use, registration is quick and simple, and no previous experience in heritage matters is required. Once signed up, registered participants will be able create new candidate sites, including map location and supporting images and documents. The web-based platform can be accessed here:

Note that listed buildings should not be nominated, as these already catalogued and have protected status.  There is a map on the project website that allows you to view listed buildings, as well as the buildings which already been nominated as part of this project.

Also note that this project does not cover the whole of our usual area of interest (the old Turton Urban District); only those places that fall within the current boundaries of Greater Manchester (i.e. Egerton, Dunscar, Bromley Cross, Eagley, Bradshaw and Harwood).