Wednesday 30 June 2021

Poor Rate Assessments 1686

Below is a list of entries from the 'Index to the Poor Rate Assessment Book / Bolton-le-Moors for 1686'

The original manuscript is at Bolton Archives, (Ref PBO/1/1). The index was compiled by Kathleen Arkwright in 1986.  This post contains only the entries from the index for Bradshaw, Edgworth, Entwistle, Harwood, Longworth, Quarlton and Turton.

(P) Person in receipt / poor relief
(T) Tax payer

John Ainsworth / Edgworth (T)
Mary Aspden / Entwistle (P)
Richard Aspinall / Harwood (T)
Robert Aspinall / Entwistle (T)
Robert Aspinall / Longworth (P)
Edmund Barlow / Harwood (P)
Edmund Barlow / Edgworth (T)
Edmund Barlow / Quarlton (T)
James Barlow / Turton (T)
Widow Battersby / Turton (T)
Mary Bentley / Turton (T)
Richard Bentley / Edgworth (T)
Francis Berry / Entwistle (P)
William Bertwistle / Edgworth (T)
Peter Bradley / Entwistle (T)
Thomas Bradley / Turton (T)
Alexander Bradshaw / Bradshaw (P)
Alexander Bradshaw / Bradshaw (T)
Cisley Bradshaw / Bradshaw (P)
George Bradshaw / Bradshaw (T)
John Bradshaw Esquire / Bradshaw (T)
John Bradshaw / Bradshaw (T)
James Brendwood / Entwistle (T)
James Brendwood / Turton (T)
John Brendwood / Entwistle (T)
Roger Brendwood / Entwistle (T)
Edward Bridge / Bradshaw (T)
John Bridge / Harwood (T)
Thomas Bridge / Bradshaw (T)
Thomas Bridge / Harwood (P)
Thomas Bridge / Turton (P)
Arthur Bromily / Harwood (T)
Arthur Bromily / Quarlton (T)
Arthur Bromily / Quarlton (P)
Isabell Bromily / Harwood (P)
Benjamin Brooks / Harwood (T)
John Brooks / Bradshaw (T)
John Brooks / Harwood (T)
John Brooks / Turton (T)
Ralph Brooks / Turton (T)
Richard Brooks / Turton (T)
Thomas Browne / Turton (T)
Widow Bury / Edgworth (T)
James Chetham / Turton (T)
Francis Coupe / Turton (T)
James Coupe / Turton (T)
George Crompton / Turton (T)
William Crompton / Harwood (P)
Aaron Cronckshaw / Turton (P)
Ellin Cronckshaw / Turton (P)
[Children] Cronckshaw / Edgworth (P)
John Cunliffe / Longworth (T)
Thomas Davenport / Harwood (T)
John Dewhurst / Longworth (T)
Richard Dewhurst / Turton (T)
James Drapper / Turton (P)
Christopher Duckworth / Edgworth (T)
James Duckworth / Edgworth (T)
Ralph Duckworth / Edgworth (T)
Widow Duckworth / Edgworth (P)
John Duxbury / Longworth (P)
Ralph Egerton / Turton (P)
Alexander Entwistle / Entwistle (T)
Giles Entwistle / Edgworth (T)
John Entwistle / Edgworth (P)
John Entwistle / Entwistle (P)
John Entwistle / Entwistle (T)
Ralph Entwistle / Entwistle (T)
Richard Entwistle / Edgworth (T)
Richard Entwistle / Longworth (T)
Thomas Entwistle / Turton (T)
Widow Entwistle / Entwistle (P)
William Entwistle / Edgworth (T)
William Entwistle / Quarlton (T)
Ellis Farnworth / Quarlton (T)
Adam Fearniside / Entwistle (T)
John Feilding / Turton (T)
Michael Flitcraft / Harwood (T)
Robert Fogg / Turton (T)
John Green / Turton (T)
Ellis Greenhalgh / Entwistle (T)
Robert Greenhalgh / Bradshaw (T)
Thomas Greenhalgh / Quarlton (T)
Thomas Greenhalgh / Turton (P)
Widow Greenhalgh / Bradshaw (T)
John Grundy / Harwood (T)
Thomas Halliwell / Longworth (T)
John Hamer Senior / Bradshaw (T)
John Hamer Junior / Bradshaw (T)
John Hamer Junior / Harwood (T)
Thomas Hamer / Bradshaw (T)
Charles Hardman / Turton (T)
Thomas Hardman / Longworth (T)
George Haslam / Harwood (P)
Richard Haslam / Longworth (T)
Robert Haslam / Bradshaw (T)
Robert Haslam / Harwood (T)
Roger Haslam / Turton (P)
John Haulgh / Harwood (T)
Widow Haulgh / Turton (P)
Widow Haworth / Edgworth (T)
James Heaton / Harwood (T)
Robert Heys / Edgworth (T)
Widow Hill / Quarlton (T)
Abraham Hilton / Harwood (T)
Robert Holden / Turton (T)
Edmund Holme / Turton (T)
Thomas Holme / Harwood (T)
Esther Holt / Harwood (P)
James Holt / Bradshaw (P)
John Holt / Longworth (T)
John Holt / Turton (T)
Ralph Holt / Turton (T)
James Horridge / Turton (T)
John Horridge / Turton (T)
Christopher Horrocks / Turton (T)
James Horrocks / Turton (T)
Jane Horrocks / Harwood (P)
John Horrocks / Edgworth (T)
Mary Horrocks / Entwistle (P)
Thomas Horrocks / Turton (T)
Widow Horrocks / Edgworth (T)
Widow Horrocks / Turton (T)
William Horrocks Senior / Entwistle (T)
William Horrocks Junior / Entwistle (T)
John Hough / Harwood (T)
Lawrence Houlker / Turton (T)
Andrew Howarth / Turton (T)
Lawrence Howarth / Turton (T)
David Hughson / Harwood (P)
William Hulton Esquire / Longworth (T)
Adam Isherwood / Edgworth (P)
Christopher Isherwood / Edgworth (T)
John Isherwood / Harwood (T)
John Isherwood / Turton (T)
Robert Isherwood / Edgworth (T)
Widow Isherwood / Harwood (P)
William Isherwood / Harwood (T)
Samuel Kay / Entwistle (P)
Thomas Kay / Entwistle (T)
James Kershaw / Turton (T)
Jane Kershaw / Turton (P)
Nicholas Kershaw / Turton (T)
William Kershaw / Turton (T)
Thomas Kirkham / Turton (T)
Thomas Kitchin / Qualton (P)
Henry Knowles / Edgworth (T)
James Knowles / Entwistle (T)
James Knowles / Quarlton (T)
Robert Knowles / Quarlton (T)
Thomas Knowles / Edgworth (T)
Thomas Knowles / Quarlton (T)
Walter Leach / Edgworth (T)
Elizabeth Leigh / Bradshaw (P)
Alice Locker / Edgworth (P)
Frankland Loe / Turton (T)
Richard Loe / Turton (T)
Peter Lomax / Edgworth (T)
Richard Lomax / Harwood (T)
Thomas Lomax / Bradshaw (T)
Thomas Lomax / Harwood (T)
Widow Lomax / Turton (T)
George Longworth / Edgworth (P)
George Longworth / Entwistle (T)
James Longworth / Harwood (T)
John Longworth / Longworth (T)
Richard Longworth / Longworth (T)
Richard Longworth / Turton (T)
William Longworth / Edgworth (P)
Thrigg[?] Lowe / Edgworth (T)
John Maoh / Longworth (T)
Peter Maoh / Turton (P)
Thomas Maoh / Longworth (T)
Jeremiah Marsden / Longworth (T)
Makepeace Mason / Harwood (T)
Richard Mason / Turton (T)
Francis Meadowcroft / Turton (T)
Thomas Meadowcroft / Harwood (T)
Widow Nabb / Harwood (T)
Joseph Neild / Turton (T)
Alice Nuttall / Harwood / child (P)
John Nuttall / Bradshaw (T)
Timothy Nutall / Bradshaw / child (P)
James Okey / Harwood (T)
Ann Orrell / Turton (T)
John Orrell / Turton (T)
Richard Orrell Senior / Edgworth (T)
Richard Orrell Junior / Edgworth (R)
Richard Orrell / Turton (T)
William Orrell / Edgworth (T)
James Pendlebury / Turton (T)
John Pilkington / Turton (T)
Mary Posnett / Turton (P)
Robert Ratcliff / Longworth (P)
Christopher Rawsthorn / Entwistle / child (P)
Thomas Rawsthorn / Edgworth (T)
William Rawsthorn / Turton (T)
William Romsden / Turton (T)
Widow Roscoe / Harwood (P)
John Rossbottom / Entwistle (T)
Grace Rowson / Turton (P)
Daniel Stones / Turton (T)
John Stones / Quarlton (T)
Thomas Tarkington / Turton (T)
James Taylor / Turton (T)
Richard Taylor / Longworth (T)
Richard Taylor / Turton (T)
Samuel Taylor / Turton (P)
James Thomasson / Edgworth (T)
Joshua Thomasson / Entwistle (T)
Thomas Thomasson / Edgworth (T)
Mr Thropp / Bradshaw (T)
Ralph Tongue / Bradshaw (T)
John Turner / Longworth / child (P)
John Turner / Longworth (T)
Richard Unsworth / Turto (P)
Richard Valentine / Longworth (T)
James Viccars / Harwood (P)
Widow VIccars / Harwood (P)
Ellis Welch / Bradshaw (T)
John Welch / Turton (T)
Richard Welch / Bradsdhaw (T)
Thomas Welch / Edgworth (T)
William Welch / Turton (T)
William Welch / Turton (P)
Nathan Walker / Entwistle (T)
Thomas Walkmill / Harwood (R)
Mr Walmsley / Edgworth (T)
Widow Walmsley / Turton (T)
John Walwork / Harwood (T)
Lawrence Ward / Longworth (T)
Thomas Ward / Turton (T)
Edmund Whewell / Turton (T)
David Whitehead / Entwistle (T)
Lawrence Whiteker / Entwistle (T)
Esther Willson / Bradhaw (P)
Widow Witton / Longworth (T)
John Wood / Bradshaw (T)
John Wood / Turton (T)
Lawrance Wood (clerk) / Turton (T)
Ralph Wood / Entwistle (T)
Richard Wood / Turton (T)
William Wood / Turton (P)
William Wood / Turton (T)
Jane Woostenham / Bradshaw (P)
John Worsley / Longworth (T)
Widow Yeats / Turton (P)