Wednesday 10 June 2020

Turton Electricity Show Room, Bromley Cross

Here are some photographs of the Electricity Showroom in Bromley Cross, which we think were taken in the 1950s.  The slogan on the wall inside says that 'electricity is cheap, convenient, clean and cool', and the couple shown in the advertisement in the shop window aspire to have an 'all-electric home'.

View of Art Deco interior.
Link through to Council Offices on the right.

Building sited adjacent to Turton UDC Offices
(now Funeral Directors)

TUDC Electricity Show Room, Bromley Cross
Another view of the shop frontage

View of Art Deco interior with
'Cooking with Electricity' demonstration in progress

View of Showrooms from Council Offices.
Area in the foreground was used by the Council Treasurer's
Department in the 1960's and had the cashiers offices on the left

Modern photograph showing the location of the showroom