Thursday 14 May 2020

Capsall Cycle Works, Eagley

Walter Pilling of Eagley established Capsall Cycle Works in the late 1890s.  He lived on Hough Lane and had formerly been a master clogger.  Articles in the Bolton Evening News report that he was regarded as something of an expert in brakes, and that cycles and brakes produced by Capsall were highly regarded by other cycle manufacturers, not just locally.

He had on the market an auxiliary brake, which was applied from the switch on the top bar, like the switches utilised for change-gears.  Once the brake was switched on it could be left alone until the foot of the hill was reached.

These photographs of the inside of Capsall Cycle Works were included in a 1909 booklet the History of Turton Foolball Club and Souvenir of Carnival & Sports.

Capsall Cycle Works - Stock Room
Stock Room

Capsall Cycle Works - Plating Room
Corner of Plating Room

Capsall Cycle Works - Machine Room
Machine Room

Capsall Cycle Works - Erecting Shop
Erecting Shop

Capsall Cycle Works Advertisement 1909
Capsall Cycle Works Advertisement
Cricket & Football Field, 1909

Capsall Cycle Works