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Egerton Publication - Supplementary Material

Sources and Notes

This page contains a more detailed list of sources used in TLHS publication number 38, Egerton.   The references numbers format used is chapter, page, paragraph, e.g. 3.10.7(b) is chapter 3, page 10, paragraph 7, (b) second source.


Early Branches of the Walmsley Family
  • 2.2.2(a) The History of Great and Little Bolton, by John Brown, 1824, p352-6
  • 2.2.2(b) Bolton Evening News, August 8th 1878, Notes of Bolton and district nearly fifty years ago.
  • 2.2.2(c) Inventories of Goods in the Churches and Chapels of Lancashire, taken the year A.D. 1552, John Bailey, Chetham Society, 1879, p24
  • 2.2.3(a) Townships: Walmersley-with-Shuttleworth, in A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5, ed. William Farrer and J Brownbill (London, 1911), pp. 141-143
  • 2.2.3(b) Roger and Richard de Walmerslegh of Tockholes, were jurors in 1395, and in 1442, William son of Richard Walmsley released to his sister Mary and John Shagh her husband the tenement called “the Hill” in Tockholes. A History of Blackburn, William Alexander Abram, Blackburn, 1877, p583-4, p690-3
  • 2.2.3(c) Walmsley of Rogerstead. Townships: Heaton', in A History of the County of Lancaster: Volume 5, ed. William Farrer and J Brownbill (London, 1911), pp. 9-12.

Walmsley of Turton
  • 2.4.1 Lancashire Archives DDX1423/5536/18
  • 2.4.2(a) Will of Sir James Harrington, 1497  (National Archives PROB 11/11/338)
  • 2.4.2(b) Lancashire Chantries, Chetham Society, Vol. 59, 1862, p127
  • 2.4.3 History of the House of Orrell, Terence Orrell, 1990, pp165-166. 
  • 2.5.1(a) Ibid.
  • 2.5.1(b) Lancashire Archives DDX1423/5536/11 and DDX1423/5536/14
  • 2.5.2 Lancashire Archives DDX1423/5536/1 and DDX1423/5536/10
  • 2.5.3 Will of Agnes Walmsley of Turton, 1608. (Lancashire Archives WCW/Inf/C1326A/55)

The Dealings James Walmlsey, Chetham's Steward
  • 2.5.5(a) Bury parish registers.  Marriage 4 Sep 1604, James Walmsleye & Katherine Kaie
  • 2.5.5(b) Chester Marriage Licenses Vol. III 1624-1632. The Record Society, p79 and p189
  • 2.5.5(c) Note that there was a third daughter, not known about at the time the first edition was printed.  Alice Walmsley was baptised at Bolton in 1611. She married Arthur Hulme (Holme) of Rochdale in 1630 (see p193 of above Rec. Soc. volume).  Alice died 1633, Arthur in 1637, both buried at St Chad in Rochdale.  Also refer to the will of Arthur Hulme of Rochdale, yeoman, 1638.
  • 2.5.5(d) See the wills of Richard Kay of Elton (1615), Katherine Kay of Widdell (1623)
  • 2.5.6 Manchester Sessions, Vol. I, 1616-1623-23, The Record Society, p112
  • 2.6.1(a) Humphrey Chetham 1580 - 1653: Fortune, Politics and Mercantile Culture in Seventeenth-Century England, by S. J. Guscott, Chetham Society, 2003
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  • 2.7.1(a) Bolton parish registers. Burial.  2 Nov 1643, uxor James Walmisly of Torton.
  • 2.7.1(b) Fallows, Bury Grammar School.
  • 2.7.2 Fallows, Bury Grammar School.
  • 2.7.3(a) Burial 13th Jan 1648, James Walmsley of Kersley
  • 2.7.3(b) Will of James Walmsley of Turton, 1648

The Last of the Walmsleys in Turton
  • 2.8.1 Will of James Walmsley of Turton, 1648
  • 2.8.2 Transactions of the Unitarian Historical Society, Volumes 8-9, Lindsey Press, 1943, p6
  • 2.8.3 Affetside, by James J. Francis, TLHS, 1994, pages 39-50
  • 2.8.4(a) We know that Andrew Walmsley was in Barbados by 1648 as his daughter was baptised there at Christ Church in this year
  • 2.8.4(b) In 1654 Colonel Henry Hawley recovered against Coll. Wm. Fortescue and Captain Andrew Walmisley a parcel of land in Christ Church and St. Phillips containing 296 acres in satisfaction of a debt of 296 lbs of sugar. The Journal of The Royal Agricultural & Commercial Society of British Guiana, Vol. X, 1806, p98.
  • 2.8.4(c) The Cavaliers & Roundheads of Barbados, by Darnell Davis, 1887, British Guiana, p177
  • 2.8.4(d) Barbados Records: Wills, 1639-1725. Vols. 1-3. Joanne McRee Sanders, Baltimore, MD, USA: Genealogical Publishing Co., 1979-1981, Will of Andrew Walmsley, 1674
  • 2.8.5 In his will in 1689, William Walmsley of Turton (probably George’s son), requested that "I may bee buried at Bolton betwixt the Chancell Dore & ye great porsh, under ye Window at ye Sun side".  Other later Walmsley references include: (Turton Manor Court) 1740. John Walmsley fined 1s for not appearing at the manor court of Turton; 1745. George Walmsley v. John Kershaw; 1750-60. John Walmsley juror at the court;  1765. George Walmsley of Cocks Green and William Walmsley of Chapel Town, fined for killing, eating and exposing to sale distempered cows - unwholesome meat; 1766. Mary Walmsley has become tenant of “Lower Houses” in the room of John Walmsley deceased. (DDX1423) 1746. Turton rentals - John Walmsley six fields 6 acres 13-0 at 5d £3-4s-6d Lords rent of 13s 6d; 


The Early History of the Egerton Family
  • 3.10.3 Patronage at the Court of Henry VIII: The Case of Sir Ralph Egerton of Ridley, E. W. Ives, Bulletin of the John Rylands Library
  • 3.10.4 The Peerage of England, Arthur Collins, London, 1735
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  • 3.10.5(b) 'Egerton of Shaw', Visitation of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale, 1664-5,Part 1, Chet, Soc. p102
  • 3.10.5(c) Collin's Peerage of England, Vol. 3.  Sir Egerton Brydges, 1812.
  • 3.10.5(d) Egerton of Shaw.  Miscellanea Genealogica et Heraldica. p16.
  • 3.10.5(e) Egerton family tree prepared by Michael John Egerton in 1970.
  • 3.10.6(a) A History of Flixton, Urmston and Davyhulme, Richard Lawson, 1898
  • 3.10.6(b) History of Flixton, J.C.K. Freeborn, 1969
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  • 3.10.6(d) Local Gleanings Relating to Lancashire and Cheshire, v.1-2, April 1875-Dec. 1878
  • 3.10.7 Transactions of the Lancs. & Ches. Antiquarian Soc. Vol. IV 1886.  Flixton and its Church pp189-191.

Ralph Egerton Esq. of Turton
  • 3.13.1(a) Interrogatories and depositions relating to debts incurred by Peter Egerton of Shaw’s mother read as follows:  “And that within a short time after the death of Peter Egerton, administration of his goods was granted to Elizabeth Egerton his relict, and this deponent knoweth not that the now defendants did meddle with any of the goods and the said administratrix sold disposed thereof and was able to manage her own estate, albeit Mr Ralph Egerton, one of the defendants, did sometimes write or act for his mother”.  Holworthy Papers. Lancashire Archives. DDX291/181
  • 3.13.1(b) Will of Elizabeth Egerton of Shaw Hall, widow of Peter Egerton. Bequeaths of all her personal property which she hasn't already given away in a deed from 19th April 1661 between herself and Ralph Egerton, gentleman, "sonne of me"; son Leonard Egerton, owes £100; daughter Ann, wife of Samuel Andrews, gent.; daughter Penelope Egerton; Mary & Elizabeth Lathom, daughters of my daughter Jane Lathom (widow); daughter Dame Mary Stanley; Sir Edward Stanley Baronet, her son; daughter Dororthy Holcroft, wife of Thomas Holcroft of Hurst, gent., and their daughter Elizabeth; daughter in law Mary, wife of Leonard Egerton
  • 3.13.1(c) The inventory of Ralph Egerton’s goods in 1702 included an item “3 Pictures belonged to the family at Shaw as was said” (WCW/Supra/OS 15/1)
  • 3.13.1(d) In 1683, Ralph Egerton of Turton was signatory to a deed regarding the sale of lands in Rivington by Thomas Lathom. (Lancashire Archives DDX 121/21)
  • 3.13.2(a) "Mary Egerton, Lady Stanley, Wife to the 2nd Baronet."  Catalogue of the pictures of Knowsley Hall, p92.
  • 3.13.2(b) "the dowager Lady Stanley of Bickerstaff".  A Kingdom of Two Parishes, Malcolm Hardman, 1998.
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  • 3.13.2(d) Holcroft of Hurst.  Visitation of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale, 1664-5, Part 2, Chet. Soc. p145
  • 3.13.2(e) Lathum of Irelam.  Visitation of Lancashire by Sir William Dugdale, 1664-5, Part 2, Chet. Soc. p175
  • 3.13.3(a) Sep 24. [1663] Ralph Egerton of Shawe-in-Flixton, Lancs., and Jane Robinson, of Kersley, Parish of Dean, Lancs. Marriage Licenses granted in the Diocese of Chester, Vol V, The Rec. Soc. p82
  • 3.13.4 Refer to plans for Bolton & Blackburn Turnpike in 1790s, Bolton Archives refs ZAL1292, ZAL1342, ZAL1358, ZAL724
  • 3.13.5 Last will and testament, and inventory, of Ralph Egerton of Turton, 1702.  Lancashire Archives ref: WCW/Supra/OS 15/1.  Also disputed probate WCW/Disputed/C274E/4.
  • 3.13.6(a) Bolton. Raphe Egerton, "one of the Lieftenants of horse in the Militia, and treasurer to the sayd Militia." 29 Oct 1676.  Sacrament Certificates, Lancashire Quarter Sessions.
  • 3.13.6(b) "Ralph Egerton desires assistance in being freed from constableship". c1696. Quarter Sessions. Lancashire Archives QSP/777/5
  • 3.13.7 Baptism at St Mary the Virgin, Deane: 25 Aug 1668, Petrus Egerton - filius Radulphj Egerton, generosi, of Kearsley; Baptisms at St Peter, Bolton-le-Moors: 17 Nov 1670, Mary Egerton - Daughter of Mr Raphe Egerton & Jane, of Turton; 19 Jun 1673, Alice Edgerton - Daughter of Ralph Edgerton, Esquire of Turton & Jane, of Turton; 16 May 1678, Robinsonne Edgerton - Son of Mr Ralph Edgerton & Jane, of Turton; Burials at St Peter, Bolton-le-Moors: 14 Sep 1673, Jane Egerton - Daughter of Raphe Egerton, Esq. & Jane of Turton; 12 Nov 1680, Peter Edgerton - Son of Mr. Ralph Edgerton of Turton; 30 Nov 1680, Robinsonne Edgerton - Son of Mr. Ralph Edgerton of Turton; 23 May 1683, Elizabeth Egerton - Daughter of Mr. Ralphe Egerton of Turton; Burial at St Mary, Leigh: 15 Apr 1692, Hulme Egerton - Son of Ralph Egerton, Esqr.

Son-in-Law Trouble
  • 3.15.1(a) Court of Chancery.  Crosse v Kay. 1719.  Plaintiffs: John Crosse, esq of Upper Darwin, Lancashire, Bold Crosse, Edgerton Crosse, Gainer Crosse, Elizabeth Crosse, Mary Herbert Crosse and Mainwaring Crosse infant (by John Crosse, his father) (his sons and daughters).  Defendants: James Kay, Charles Beswick, Elizabeth Barlow, John Barlow, Charles Mainwaring senior, Charles Mainwaring junior and Thomas Crosse.  Public Record Office. C/11/1719/22/001
  • 3.15.2(a) Baptism: 2 Jun 1700 St Peter, Bolton: Manering Cross - Son of Jon Cross, Esq & Ann, of Walmsley
  • 3.15.2(b) A History of Blackburn, 1877, William Alexander Abram. p504
  • 3.15.3 Crosse v Kay
  • 3.15.4 Quarter Sessions. Lancashire Archives QSP/845/20
  • 3.15.5(a) Crosse v Kay
  • 3.15.5(b) Burial: 5 Dec 1701 St Peter, Bolton: Ann Cross - w. of Mr. Cross of Turton
  • 3.15.6(a) Letters of Adminstration of Jane Egerton of Turton, 1 Aug 1702, WCW/Supra/C274E/3
  • 3.15.6(b) Will of Ralph Egerton of Turton, 1702


Legal Disputes Following Ralph Egerton's Death

  • 4.17.1 Will of Ralph Egerton of Turton, 1702
  • 4.17.2 Ibid.
  • 4.17.3 Crosse v Kay
  • 4.17.4 Ibid.
  • 4.17.5 Will of Ralph Egerton of Turton, 1702

Accusations of Skullduggery against Mary Herbert Crosse
  • 4.18.1 Last will and testament of Bold Crosse Esquire of Over Darwen, 8 May 1724. Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C331/8
  • 4.18.2 Disputed Probate Papers - Elizabeth Walmesley of Eccles, widow, 23 Feb 1723
  • 4.18.3 An abstract of the records of the Manor Court of Turton, 1737-1850.  Sir Lees Knowles, 1900.
  • 4.18.4(a) Court of Chancery. Crosse v Critchley. 1733. Plaintiffs: Mary Herbert Crosse, spinster of Turton, Lancashire.  Defendants: Thomas Critchley, [unknown] Livesey, Hugh Marsden and James Brandwood. (Ref: C 11/1849/6)
  • 4.18.4(b)  Court of Chancery.  Critchley v Crosse.  1733.  Plaintiffs: Thomas Critchley, gent late of Ratherogue, Carlow, Ireland and now of Preston, Lancashire (eldest son and heir and devisee of Ralph Critchley, deceased, who was son and heir of Daniel Critchley, deceased).  Defendants: Mary Herbert Crosse, Egerton Crosse, Thomas Crosse, Gaynor Crosse and Elizabeth Crosse.
  • 4.18.4(c) Court of Chancery. Crosse v Latus.  1732. Plaintiffs: Gaynor Crosse, spinster of Lancashire (a daughter of John Crosse, gent of Lancashire and Ann Crosse his wife, the daughter of Ralph Egerton gent deceased late of Turton, Bolton, Lancashire).  Defendants: William Latus and Mary Herbert Crosse. (Ref C 11/1503/16)
  • 4.18.5 Whitworth's Manchester Magazine, 16th June 1741
  • 4.19.1(a) Records of the Manor Court of Turton
  • 4.19.1(b) Marriage: 19 Jun 1744 St Elphin, Warrington.  Abel Flitcroft - Gentleman, Manchester and Mary Herbert Cross - Spinster, Turton.
  • 4.19.2(a) "1757 Thomas Fogg for Edgertons".  Turton Overseers of the Poor 1669 - 1784 (Bolton Archives - PTU1)
  • 4.19.2(b) Various Turton rentals (Lancashire Archives DDX1423)
  • 4.19.2(b) Will and codicil of Thomas Cross of Kearsley Hall, gentleman, 11 Dec 1738.  Names Egerton Cross of Cogshall, Essex, gent. (brother); Elizabeth Cross (wife), Mary Herbert Cross (sister), Egerton Cross (son) and Ann Cross (daughter) (Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C373/66)
  • 4.19.2(c) Will of Egerton Crosse of Great Coggeshall, Essex, gentleman.  1764. Contains no reference to family or property in Lancashire - he leaves his whole estate to Thomas Spurgin of Great Coggeshall, victualler.  (Essex Record Office).
  • 4.19.2(d) A History of Blackburn, 1877, William Alexander Abram.
  • 4.19.2(e) Turton land tax records (Lancashire Archives QDL)

The End of the Crosse Line
  • 4.19.3(a) Barton's Historical Gleanings, vol. 1, pp280-281, 1881.
  • 4.19.3(b) Will of Egerton Crosse esquire of Kersley, 1803 (Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C608A/58)
  • 4.19.3(c) Will of Ellen Crosse of Kersley Hall, widow, 1810 (Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C659A/59)
  • 4.19.3(d) Will of Anne Crosse of Kersley Hall, spinster, 1814 (Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C693A/56)
  • 4.19.4(a) Notice of auction. The Manchester Mercury, Tuesday, May 24th 1814.
  • 4.19.5 Old Madam of Egerton Hall.  Lancashire Legends, Harland and Wilkinson, 1873


Migration from the Old Highway to the New Road
  • 5.23.2 Records of the Manor Court of Turton
  • 5.23.3 Ibid
  • 5.23.4 Notes of Bolton and District Nearly Fifty Years Ago.  Bolton Evening News, 8th August 1878.

Bolton & Blackburn Turnpike Road
  • 5.26.1 Manchester Mercury, 28th Aug 1787
  • 5.26.2 Plan, letters and statement of opposition.  Lancashire Archives DDX1423/5536/3
  • 5.26.3 Manchester Mercury, 11th Dec 1787
  • 5.26.4 "Act for Repairing Road from Bolton to Blackburn", 1796.  Bolton Archives B352.7B.BOL
  • 5.26.5(a) "To Colliers. To be LET by Private Contract".  Manchester Mercury, 11 July 1797
  • 5.26.5(b) Manchester Mercury, 12 September 1797
  • 5.27.1(a) The land tax records show that John Dewhurst and John Nuttall are jointly liable for payment from 1795 onward, having previously been John Dewhurst alone.  Lancashire Archives QDL.
  • 5.27.1(b) The turnpike map from the mid 1790s labels Old Globe as "New Inn" (ZAL1342).  Another turnpike map from the same period labels it as "Mr Nuttalls" (ZAL1358).  Both maps at Bolton Archives.
  • 5.27.1(c) Bolton Chronicle, 19 Mar 1836.  Farm to be let, "The Higher Globe Inn" in Turton.
  • 5.27.2(a) Bolton Evening News, August 8th 1878, Notes of Bolton and district nearly fifty years ago.
  • 5.27.2(b) Parish of Walmlsey, Bolton.   Short particulars of Walmsley Chapel 1500, together with a list of subscribers for the building of Walmsley Church, and charges in connection therewith &c. Consecrated 3rd October 1839.  Manchester Archives L99/2.
  • 5.27.3(a) Title deeds for 309-315 Blackburn Road.  Helen Heyes Papers. TLHS Archive.
  • 5.27.3(b) Lease of land in Turton and houses thereon.  In trust for the Friendly Male Society,  Mr John Nuttall and others to John Whittle, Robert Holt and others. 1807. Helen Heyes Papers. TLHS Archive.
  • 5.27.4(a) Will of John Nuttall of Turton, innkeeper. Dated 11th June 1811, died 24 Sep 1812.  Lancashire Archives WCW/Supra/C687B/77
  • 5.27.4(b) Potts & Nuttall letters. Lancashire Archives DDX210
  • 5.27.5 Bolton Express 4 Oct 1823

Longworth Road
  • 5.31.1(a) Plan of the Estate Belonging to the Late John Nuttall, c1824.  Lancashire Archives DDHU/ACC8410/245
  • 5.31.1(b) Peterloo: the Case Reopened, Robert Walmsley, 1969, Manchester University Press.
  • 5.31.2 Plan of a new road from the Globe Inn on the Blackburn & Bolton Old Road into the Township of Longworth for William Hulton Esquire, c1830.  Plan of bridge work and masonry over Delph Brook for Longworth New Road.  Letters, specifications, proposals and tenders.  Lancashire Archives DDHU Acc. 8410/239

The Beginnings of Industry in Egerton
  • 5.32.1 The Ashworth Cotton Enterprise, Rhodes Boyson, 1970.
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  • 5.32.3 Boyson
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  • 5.33.1(b) Obituary of John George Bodmer.  ICE.


Egerton Mill
  • 6.36.3 Boyson.
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  • 6.37.4 Ibid.

The Masters & Operatives

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Housing in Egerton

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The Dissolution of the Ashworth Partnership
  • 6.52.1 Boyson
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