Tuesday 16 July 2019

1671 Boons - List of Turton Tenants

A boon(e) was a service in kind or labour given by a tenant to his lord, hence Boonwork which was a day's work at at specific times such as harvest or plowing.  The tenants in Turton were required to dig coal and turves (peat for fuel), and perform work mowing and shearing.  There was also a custom of giving a gift to the lord at Christmas of a number of hens and capons (a castrated cockerel) .

DDX1423 Lancashire Archives

The list below records the names of these Turton tenants in 1671.  The original document additionally records the number of days labour, how many cart loads of coal and turves were dug, and how many boon-hens and boon-capons were given.  The lord of the manor of Turton in 1671 was James Chetham Esq.

Turton Boones as followeth:

John Wood, son of Raph:
Richard Orrell
Richard Taylor
Arthur Bromiley
Thomas Lightbowne
[illegible line]
[illegible line]
Edmund Hulme
Richard Haydocke
James Barlowe
William Kershawe
John Wood junior
Ralph Brooks
Andrewe Haworth
Francis Meadowcroft
Thomas Browne
uxor Radi Orrell
John Holte
Widowe Welsh
Hughe Wood
Thomas Horracks
Widowe Entwisley
Lawrence Fogge
Law: Horrabin
Willm: Horrabin
Mr. John Isherwood, clerk
Mr. Thomas Isherwood, clerk
John Horwich
John Cronkshaws[?] Tenemt.
William Lomax the 4th pte of James Barlowes ancient boone[?]
George Crompton