Thursday 23 May 2019

1804 Edgworth Lease - Quaker Meeting House

We recently received an original deed, kindly donated to TLHS by a member of the public from Bradford who had acquired it many years ago from an antique shop.  It is dated 1804 and relates to land in Edgworth around the Quaker Meeting House.

1804 Edgworth Lease - Quaker Meeting House

Lease for Possession of Premises in Edgworth

20th July 1804

Wm. Thistlethwaite of Manchester, yeoman and Thomas Thomasson of Edgworth, cotton stuff manufacturer on the first part, and James Brandwood, late of Entwistle but now of Edgworth, yeoman, John Wood, late of Entwistle but now of Turton, yeoman, Henry Marriott late of Sunniside in the Forest of Rossendale and formerly of Edgend in Marsden but now of North America, Gentleman, and James Haworth of Shuttleworth Hall, yeoman, on the second part.

The document relates to a plot of ground with a stable, cottage and dwelling house, adjoining to the south west side of another plot of land occupied by a grave yard and Meeting House" by the people called Quakers".

A digital image of the document can be made available to any TLHS members who would like to study it in more detail.

More information about the Meeting House can be found in the TLHS booklets,  Churches and Chapels of Turton by David J Leeming, pages 53-56, and People & Places of Turton, pages 1-20.