Friday 8 March 2019

1696 Inhabitants of Turton

Contributors to the Maintenance of a Minister at Turton Chapel

Lancashire Archives - DDX1423 / Acc. No. 5536 / Box 36

Wee the Inhabitants of Turton Chappelrye in the Countie of Lancaster whose names are Subscribed Doe hereby Assume and promise for our selves our heires and Assignes, to pay cause to be paid the Severall and Respective Yearly sumes hereunder written whereunto our hands and seales are Annexed to and for the Maintenance of a Preaching Minister att Turton Chappell.  Witness our hands and seales the Twenty Ninth of November.

Annoq. Dom. 1696

Ja: Chetham Tenn poundes £10:00:00
Thomas Meadowcroft £00:10:00
James Hoult £00:10:00
Gyles Marsh £00:10:00

William Wood £00:09:08
John Wood junior £00:09:08
William Kershaw £00:07:00

Ralph Brooke £00:09:04
Richard Howarth "R" £00:09:04
Thomas Bromiley "T" £00:09:04

Francis Taylor "F" £00:09:00
John Wood £00:09:00
Willm Wilson £00:05:00

James Barlow jun. "IB" £00:06:04
William Lomax  £00:06:04
Robert Fogge "X" £00:03:02

John Knowles "I" his mrk £00:06:00
Richard Orrell £00:06:00

James Pilkington £00:07:00
Margaret Orrell "O" £00:07:00

William Kershawe sen. £00:02:10

Lawrence Haworth "T" mrk £00:02:10

James Kershaw £00:03:02
Nicholas Kershawe "K" mrk £00:01:07
William Kershaw £00:01:07
Margaret Tarkington "X" £00:03:02

Henry Rawstorn "H" mrk £00:03:06

John Banford(?) £00:04:02
Francis Orrell "O" mrk £00:04:02

James Fielding "I" mrk £00:02:04
John Mayoh £00:02:04