Wednesday 9 January 2019

Bradshaw of Bradshaw - New Information Received

We've recently received an interesting enquiry from a researcher who was looking into the history of the Charterhouse in London.  The enquiry alerted us to the existence of Eleanor Bradshaw's will, which adds to our knowledge of the Bradshaw family of Bradshaw Hall, which was previously recorded in our two publications on the Bradshaw family.

The Charterhouse London -

In his books "Lords of the Manor of Bradshaw", and "The Bradshaw Estate 1542-1919", Jim Francis explored the pedigree of the Bradshaw family of Bradshaw Hall.  The book describes how the manor passed from the original Bradshaw family to the Bradshaws of Marple in 1694, following the death of John Bradshaw, the lord of the manor.  At the time of writing, little information had been found about John Bradshaw's children.  The following passage refers to his eldest son and namesake:-

"John subsequently married the daughter of a Chester shopkeeper named Gregge, and apparently had no children. Of the other members of the main branch of the Bradshaw family we know nothing, but we may assume that they left our district for good."

The children were recorded in Dugdale's Visitation of Lancashire (below), and in their father's will, which is transcribed in full in the following post on the TLHS website: John Bradshaw's Will 1666.

Pedigree of the Bradshaws of Bradshaw, 1664

Some new information has been received in December 2018, from Molly Turner, who is assisting with some research for the Charterhouse in London. The information relates to Elianor Bradshaw, who was the Matron there during the eighteenth century, and seems likely to have been the same Elianor listed in the pedigree above, the daughter of John Bradshaw.  Her will, dated 1721, names many of her brothers and sisters and their children.  Copies of the will can be obtained from the National Archives in Kew (Ref: PROB 11/586/411).

Eleanor was matron at Chaterhouse from 1678 to 1722.  There are records of her asking for a salary increase in 1700, and in 1710 she requested an assistant.  In 1720 she petitioned for a relative to come and live with her to help her discharge her duties as she was above seventy years of age and "very infirm in her health & limbs".  We know that her sister Ann was living with her at Charterhouse when Eleanor wrote her will.

The following extract is from 'The Political State of Great Britain', Volume 24, July 1722, p.203. Compiled and Collected by Mr Boyer:-

“On the 26th died Mrs Eleanor Bradshaw, Matron of the Charter-House. She was descended from one of the ancientest and ally’d to many of the best Families in Lancashire. In the Year 1687 she was re- commended to that Imployment in the Charter-House by her near Relation the then Lord Chancellor of England and continued in the Execution of it 35 Years with great Credit and Reputation; And was bury’d in the Charter-House Chappel near the Founder's Tomb, (as the Orders of that Foundation require after Evening Service) being attended by the Master, Officers and all the Members of that Society in the same decent Manner that the late Master Dr Thomas Burnet was interred.”

In her will of 1721, Elianor Bradshaw left various bequests to her relatives, including a gold watch with gold chain and seals, diamond earrings, silver candlesticks and snuffers, a repeating clock and bequests of money totalling £306.

Monday, 1st March 2021

Eleanor Bradshaw's Sisters

Below are some additional genealogical notes sent in to us from another researcher, relating to the sisters of Eleanor Bradhaw, named in her will; Katherine Hiccock, Jane Bonwick, Dorothy Spencer and Eilzabeth Holland.

Katherine Hiccock

Marriage of Katherine Bradshaw to John Hiccock at Chester on 15 Dec 1713
Burial records for John and Katherine in Chester in 1726 and 1728 respectively.
The first administration record for John Hiccock has an attached inventory, but no will.
Katherine’s 1728 will - she left everything to her companion at the time, Ann Davis.
John’s brother, Thomas Hiccock, contested with Ann Davis the administration of John’s will (which it appears Catherine hadn’t completed) and which John’s brother must have won because there is a second administration in 1729 for John’s estate which names his brother as executor.

Jane Bonwick

Marriage record for Jane Bradshaw and a Richard Bonwick on 29 Jun 1692 at Kilham, Yorkshire. 
Baptisms for their children:
  • Thomas Bonwick baptised on 14 May 1693 at Kilham
  • Anna Bonwick baptised on 23 Apr 1695 at Kilham
  • Ellin Bonwick baptised on 04 May 1698 at Kilham
Richard Bonwick was buried on 06 Nov 1698 at Kilham.  The presumably widowed Jane Bonwick then married Jonas Bransby on 09 Jan 1699 at Kilham but Jane Bransby was then buried on 26 Nov 1701 at Kilham. 

Dorothy Spencer

Unable to find marriage record for a Dorothy Bradshaw to anyone with the surname of Spencer in the right time frame.  However, knowing that Elianor had expressed a wish to be buried at St Pauls where her sister Spencer was buried, there is a burial record for a Dorothy Spencer, wife of a Laurence Spencer, on 13 Feb 1687 at St Gregory by St Paul, City of London.

Baptisms for their children:
  • Laurance Spencer on 2 Dec 1683 at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, City of London
  • Dorithie Spencer on 15 Feb 1685 at St Nicholas Cole Abbey, City of London
  • Edward Spencer on 24 Oct 1686 at St Gregory by St Paul
Dorothy Spenser, daughter of Lawrence Spenser, was buried on 3 Aug 1686 at St Gregory by St Paul, City of London.  Laurance Spencer junior died intestate and letters of Administration in the Prerogative Court of Canterbury were granted to his father Laurance Spencer and dated 14 Dec 1718.