Wednesday 22 August 2018

1598 Payers of Poor Rate in Longworth

The names of inhabitants and occupiers of land in Longworth who paid poor rate in the year 1598.  (Lancashire Archives ref: DDX1423/Acc. 5536/Bx. 14)


Mr. Xofer Lonngworthe gent
Robt Haslome
ux Willm Mayohe
Lawrence Mayohe
Tho. Lonngworthe
Elys Lever
Gyles Dewhurst
Rauf Cunlif
Alex Longworth
John Lever
Roger Haslome
ux Alex Haslome
ux Roger Croichlowe
William Croichlow
Tho: Pendleburie

Modernised spellings to facilitate searching:-
Christopher Longworth, Robert Haslam, William Mayoh, Lawrence Mayoh, Thomas Longworth, Ellis Lever, Giles Dewhurst, Ralph Cunliffe, Alexander Longworth, John Lever, Rober Haslam, Alexander Haslam, Roger Croichlow, Thomas Pendlebury